back to article AWS takes NoSQL database to the cloud with DynamoDB

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is expanding its database cloud-service offerings beyond Oracle with DynamoDB, a non-relational NoSQL database that is run on solid-state drives (SSD) to handle fluctuating demand. The huge increase in web applications needs scalable database access, which makes a cloud-based delivery system logical, …


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  1. spiny norman
    Thumb Up


    Well done for writing this without mentioning "Big Data" once.

  2. DelM

    attributions on pix

    When you post Amazon articles and they are in the top-5 "featured" list, they often have a cute/clever/semi-related picture. The one I keep seeing is the lower-half of a scantily-clad lass obviously in a jungle setting, and while fetching, it is not attributed so that I can go see more. Oh, and tineye doesn't recognize it either.

    1. Martin Ryan

      just give it up El Reg

      For the love of all things decent, just stop using a picture of a woman's body alongside every story with an Amazon connection. It's juvenile, hateful and seriously demeans you and us, your audience.

      1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

        Re: just give it up El Reg

        Forgive us for trying to keep Amazon cloud computing a bit more lively than pictures of server racks, but hateful? Demeaning? Are you sure?

        I'm aware that we should be equal opportunities, so I'll switch it up in future with manly chests etc. But hateful? No.


  3. Neal 5


    0.12 c a gb works out at 110 us a tb. i’ll take it given the price of hard drives today.

  4. Crisp
    Paris Hilton


    I for one welcome our new bikini clad overlords (ladies?).

  5. spiny norman


    I see no pics. Is it worth disabling Adblock for?

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