back to article German ISP doesn't have to block foreign 'illegal' betting sites

A German internet service provider (ISP) does not have to block its customers from accessing foreign betting websites even if they are considered illegal in the country, according to reports. The Administrative Court of Düsseldorf ruled that Deutsche Telekom did not have to block access to the sites, according to a translation …


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  1. ratfox

    Sense prevails

    That is not always the case. Cheers!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      So does that make it OK for Duetche Telecomm to........

      Not block access to other site like Kiddie Pron etc?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        In theory yes,

        they cant be *forced* to.

        Chances are for that sort of stuff, they probably will anyway cos of the customer backlash if they dont.

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      2. This post has been deleted by its author

      3. Count Ludwig

        @AC 09:06 So does that make it OK for Duetche Telecomm to........

        Can we have a "Won't somebody think of the children" icon?

        Or else a straw man icon. O|-<

        Or else that kiddie pronagraphic Olympic logo*

        *Actually I am in favour of banning the Olympic logo - it's an effing migraine.

        1. ratfox

          You mean, this icon?


          1. Count Ludwig
            Thumb Up

            Yup - that's the one


  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    One interesting thing

    from this is that it would render the recent court order to block newzbin etc null as it is an EU E-Commerce Directive.

    "The Directive says that service providers are generally not responsible for the activity of customers and that member states must not put service providers under any obligation to police illegal activity on their services."

    Very interesting.

  3. Remedial Gash

    Might be a super thicky here....

    Where is (sports*) betting permitted then? Obviously here in the UK there are numerous Corals etc on every high st, low street, and occasionally in the grounds of a pub, but is it normally restricted? I know that it's tightly regulated in the U.S. but I put that down to puritanical routes.

    I know that a lot of poker websites are based in the Carribean, but I presumed they were based there for tax advantages. Is betting generally more frowned upon in the wider world?



    * I put sports btting in parentheses because sometimes they are treated differently.

    1. David Neil

      The frowning tends to be done by Governments who don't like the idea of their citizens spending money which they aren't getting a cut of.

  4. Wensleydale Cheese

    Surely the number of spams these sites send out should get them taken down

    I am getting between 20 and 50 spams per day from internet gambling sites and it is a real Royal / Royale SP Club Casino Gaming Club Pain (ya'll have a few keywords to filer on now).

    In a perfect world we'd be able to use anti-spam laws to take 'em down,. no further legislation necessary

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