back to article Alienware takes aim at consoles with mini PC

Alienware joined the mini PC biz this week, revealing a powerful games machine roughly the same size as an Xbox. The Alienware X51 desktop squeezes high-performance components into a compact chassis, the Dell subsidiary said, in a bid to be the brains of a your home entertainment hub. Alienware X51 As such, the X51 veers …


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  1. DPWDC

    Did I miss something?

    You can buy a PS3 and an XBox 360 and still have a heck of a lot of change. This won't sway anyone over to PC gaming - half the fun is picking your components and building it yourself anyway!

    1. killzone


      I had a look at it, for an alienware its quite reasonable price to spec ratio... but as with all things alienware there's much better value to be had elsewhere :(

  2. HP Cynic

    Looks great but with no SSD boot disc it's going to dramatically miss a trick in trying to emulate Consoles.

    Consoles and my SSD PC: Press Power and your are ready to go in seconds under 30 seconds

    PC before SSD: Press Power then go make a brew.

  3. MikeyD85


    Would get me a 360, a wheel, a couple of extra pads and at least 6 games... and it'd be the same spec as all the other 360s...

    Hardly targetting console gamers... more going for PC gamers who whilst they may have a decent spec PC are looking for something better and also think that it might well be useful to cream an extra 20cm space for storing that really important thing that never really found a home on the desk but could definitely probably fit in the gap that'd be made by getting this box.

    It's a big market.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Note to designers (not just Alienware's)

    While you may have the urge to create sculpture suitable for gracing the 70s-vintage offices of a pharmaceutical company in Basingstoke, it's unlikely that we will place your new product on a pedestal in the centre of the living room. Recognise that we have more than one piece of kit under the TV. Be nice and make it so we can stack your new item on top or alongside the rest. That way, you might even sell some, instead of just having to send the trucks straight from the factory door to the landfill site.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      On that point...

      ...I do like considerate design. Like another poster stated, these appliances aren't normally placed on their own, standalone pedestal, instead they have to play nice and share the space with other toys. At least this machine appears to have a patch of flat to its top for potential(ly dodgy) stacking and I do like the side vents, I can't abide top venting appliances; anti-stacking, pro-dust.

      Pedantic, boring rant over.

    2. dogged


      I like the design as a standalone box but still +1 for an excellent rant. Well done.

  5. annodomini2

    240w PSU

    That's going to get the gamers jumping for joy!

    £700 for an i3 SB and weak graphics, you're paying for the badge, nothing else.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    FRO Dell

    $699 or £699 very fair!

  7. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

    No fans in the sitting room

    If they drop the performance down so it is cheaper, fanless and the option of no Microsoft tax then I would be interested.

  8. Flash_Penguin

    HTPC? Ohhh the price...

    Considered it for a µsecond,

    Bu the a raspberry pi might just do all I need under the telly.

  9. rikthechief


    £700? I doubt it's going to sway the console crowd, or make a dint in the PC market. Its a good idea tho, a cheap ish off the shelf PC capable internet ready-OH WAIT XBOX360

  10. enerider

    Oh goody! Beefier versions look like they'd do as LAN boxes!

    I was thinking of making a good LAN box on an ITX form factor, this seems more akin to a stripped-down laptop/desktop mashup.

    Beefier versions of this have nVidia 555 GTX graphics and Core i5/i7 support from what I was able to gather in my snoop around the buy pages.

    I'd still prefer to make my own setup however. That way I get a x16 PCI-E slot to play with.

    External supply I could take or leave, plenty of handy 12V based ATX power options from places like (not to mention a good few ARM-based devkits).

    Still a good idea though for those who want small PC with some grunt off-the-shelf.

  11. Alex C

    Never quite understood alienware

    They use fairly high spec components to make (to me ugly - but clearly some peeps like it) very expensive kit. Surely anyone who cares enough about gaming to spend this sort of cash on kit is going to look at what goes into it and realise that they can make their own, better, machine for half the money and have cash left over for a decent ssd too. I always assume anyone actually buying their kit has (parents with) more money than sense. The PC I built myself 3 years ago (at a hundred quid more than this admittedly) shows this one the door without even trying. That's a relative dinosaur in gaming terms.

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