back to article Zombie Olympics ticket resale site resurrected TODAY

London 2012 organisers are finally, albeit partially, reanimating their swamped ticket resale website. The government-owned Locog firm - in charge of bringing the Olympic Games to Blighty's capital later this year - was forced to pull the plug on its ticket system hours after it launched earlier this month. The website briefly …


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  1. Irongut

    Zombie Olympics?

    Sounds a lot more interesting than the expensive nonsense that's happening in London this summer.

    1. Winkypop Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      It could make the javelin more interesting.

      And the hammer throw.

      Zombie targets!

      I'd pay to see THAT!.

      1. Graham Marsden


        Yeah, but imagine the Zombie marathon! We'd still be waiting for them to finish by the 2016 games!

        (Troll Icon because there's no Zombie one...)

      2. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

        When zombies throw hammers, they really need to be careful about when to let go.

        Reg Shoe should be on standby with his sewing kit.

  2. s. pam Silver badge

    Fuck 'em they're all crims

    Foreign illegal workers building sites, check

    Foreign manufactured stuff, check

    Foreign cars instead of UK made ones for VIP's, check

    Foreigner luvvies in VIP lanes while Londonium smoulders, check

    As Shazzer says to Bridget in Bridget Jones Diary "Fuck 'em. Fuck the lot of them"

    And M'Load CoreBlimey can go off into the sunset knowing comfortably he has financially finished off UK.Country with the incredible debt...


    So tickets for the Olympics...

    come without any vowels now?

    1. ScottAS2

      If you can get any tckts that weren't issued to sponsors, that is...

      Yes, Consonants are an Official Primary Tier One Platinum Sponsorship Funding Main Partner, so it is illegal to make use of vowels with respect to London 2012 tckts.

  4. Darkwolf

    No, someone realized that they could purchase all of the tickets now, destroy them, then reprint them and resell with a higher "face value" price when the olympics gets closer.

  5. cs94njw

    You know what's going to happen. They'll buy back any tickets from you, and then there'll be another lottery. Because if the people selling the tickets didn't fancy the sport (*cough* synchronized swimming *cough*) chances are other people won't fancy it either.

  6. yoinkster

    good scam

    "we'll buy the tickets back off you at face value. This excludes the additional Payment Processing fee we charged you when you bought the tickets. Further to these Payment Processing fees, we will charge you to issue you your refund, this will be deducted from your final figure."

    Then they resell it with another "payment processing" fee. Legalised scams, why can't I do that?!

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