back to article Cloud power plant SAP closes 2011 on a high

Application software giant SAP turned in the best fourth quarter and the best financial year in its 40-year history, thanks in part to reviving software sales and the better-than-expected uptake of its HANA in-memory database appliances. And because the numbers were better than expected, SAP is giving a preview of the full …


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  1. dogged

    SAP... PT Barnum was an optimist.

  2. MrHorizontal

    Larry not happy

    ...with profit warnings for Oracle and with the TomorrowNow settlement and SAP still posts well, one can only guess what is happening in the higher floors of Oracle Towers.

  3. Fenton

    Oracle arrogance

    I think alot of this is down to people not liking oracle rather than prefering SAP.

    I have a number of (SAP) customers, who are now considering migrating to DB2 or SQL server rather than stick with oracle. Far to much uncertanty as to where they are going support wise, (i.e. VMware, still not 100% supported and questions over the linux direction).

    I'd imagine the same is happening when it comes to software choice, go to an expensive but reliable SAP or oracle...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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