back to article Namesco spits out phishy warning after credit card info leak

Namesco customers are angry over the domain name and hosting firm's handling of a security breach that exposed their credit card details. A number of punters' card details were leaked after hackers broke into Namesco's systems. The web biz notified these customers as well as advising a larger number of its clients to reset …


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  2. NamescoSupport

    Hey OddSocket, nice to see you again

    We talk to customers through all sorts of channels, with twitter being just one contact point where we engage with a very small number of our customer base. Just like any other situation, we deal with all enquiries on a 1-2-1 basis and so we try and speak with our customers individually.

    If someone wants to get in touch by phone or a support ticket where we can verify they are the account holder, then we’re always happy to talk about account details and that includes addressing questions that may include a request for compensation.

    If you have received the security email from us, please contact us on the telephone number provided if you want further support and advice.

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  3. Dcope

    Heh namesco got my first techie job there when they where still selling for over £100, was interesting watching the first .com bubble burst from the inside, never did get my share options :(

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Credit Card details?

    Why are Credit Card details stored at all. I use my card to make a payment. I don't see any need to retain those details.

  5. L1feless


    We Gonna let you know that we've been hacked and make the email look like a phishing scam...YEEEEEHAW!

    A face-palm if I've ever heard one.

  6. pctechxp


    The reason they store the details is for recurring billing for services such as broadband and hosting.

    Bit like your utility company storing direct debit details, they do it for cards as not everyone wants to pay by DD.

  7. Ross 7


    "This email is a genuine security communication from Namesco and contains important information about your credit card details; please do not treat this as SPAM"


    Also like the "your card details have been stolen, so you know this email is from us not the hackers here are the last 4 digits of your card number". Genius. They really should have used tinyURL or somesuch for the links tho.

    Should go back to making Street Fighter games....

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