back to article Dell sprays hot fluid data across storage products

Dell's fluid data is travelling faster and further, with its first Data Domain replacement box, a SharePoint object storage system, and more capable Compellent SANs that better support VMware and have faster network links. Fluid data is Dell's concept of having data stored, manageable, protected and accessible across its …


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  1. píru
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    Good luck Dell

    **EMC Employee** Interesting announcements Dell, 2012 looks to be very exciting for everyone :-)
  2. Chris Schmid

    This says it all

    Quote :

    "The compression engine available of the DX6000 has been integrated with the DocAve app, and customers can set policies to use fast or slower but stronger compression in the object store."

    This says it all. The Ocarina compression inside Dell is NOT native. It needs to be integrated in every app relying on the DX6000 otherwise no benefits. This implies for SharePoint that as soon as files are migrated to other non-Dell systems, it needs to be rehydrated again.

    True Native Format Optimization technology such as ours (which is available as a truly independent SharePoint infrastructure solution as well) doesn't do that and its benefits are immediate, permanent and first of all agnostic to storage and applications.

    Chris Schmid, COO balesio AG

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Fluid data", aka automated tiering, is not new (if it is from Dell, you know it is not something that came from R&D) and not all that effective. If you are constantly moving data objects through the back-plane, or network, the amount of latency you cause generally eats any performance benefits. If you are not moving objects on a regular basis, you don't need automated tiering.

    1. Levente Szileszky

      RE: fluid data

      "If you are constantly moving data objects through the back-plane, or network, the amount of latency you cause generally eats any performance benefits."

      This is utter nonsense.

      WTF because your post warrants it...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        Not a latency problem when you also own force10. Dell's storage networking looks promising. I wasn't a fan when dell was reselling EMC kit, CX but the new line deserves a look.

  4. unredeemed

    Poor comparisons of competing products

    How is the Dell Dedupe box compared to the lowest end EMC DD160? Perhaps from a throughput standpoint, the cheapest DD box can meet or beat it, but from a capacity standpoint, you have to go to a 600 series box. And then, everything is better on the 600 series box in terms of performance, boost or not.

    Add to that OST/BOOST is not a Symantec only technology. You better check your sources on that. Look at what EMC is doing with OST/BOOST in their own product lines.

    Though I see a lot of clueless SMB's buying these boxes for cost alone and will be happy with their 5:1 dedupe rates. Poor souls.

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