back to article Bond Blu-ray box set marks 50 years on film

CES 2012 Week This October marks 50 years since the first James Bond film appeared to wow cinemagoers worldwide. To celebrate, MGM and 20th Century Fox have teamed up to release all 22 films that have borne the 007 marque in one Blu-ray box set. Bond 50 not only packs in every Bond film to date from 1962's Dr. No to 2008's …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It is Incomplete

    It does not include the 1967 version of Casino Royale with Woody Allen
    1. Jon Pain
      I guess it also doesn't include never say never again as both of these films were not "Offical" Bond films
  2. lglethal Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Bond... James Bond

    I have to say that 90 quid for 22 films (and bond films at that!) certainly hits the right price point for this consumer! Dont tell me the movie industry has actually started listening to consumers now???
    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      i'm still disappointed

      On reading the headline and on first seeing the artwork, i expected a blue ray player, a box, which for some £250 quid or so would have been superb, a genuine must have. however, it is a box set. still, as you say, £90 for 22 films, plus the other 130 hours of bonus material do make it a bargain perhaps the media have learned quickly now where's the uninstall button for my torrent
  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Never complete

    No box set will ever have the latest film
  4. jai

    good price

    at that price, it's almost tempting... although, i do still have them all on VHS (at least, all that were available at the time) and then again i have them all also on DVD... still, in for a penny, in for ninety quid....
  5. Jon Press

    "1952's Dr. No"

    That would be 1952's "Dr. Not Yet". Even Bob Holness had to wait to 1956 (or 1957 depending on who you believe) for a stab at the role.
  6. MacGyver
    Pirate Missing Never say Never, as well. My biggest gripe, in the complete lack of Region 1 release on Amazon, and the fact that it costs between $500 and $600 to buy them Region 1 out of this set. It's amazing how many people don't want my money. I would pre-order it for $180 right now (would love it if it were $89), if they had it in Region 1.
    1. Alan 6 Silver badge


      No Bond box set will ever include that rip-off remake of Thunderball. Only the EON production's films are included in the sets
  7. FunkyEric


    And I *just* bought the box set on DVD for 50 quid........
    1. Alan 6 Silver badge

      I got that set for Christmas - Since new year I've watched a film a day in order - I'm not looking forward to the 14th Jan when I have to watch A View To A Kill...

  8. lglethal Silver badge

    Well bugger me!!!

    I just noticed its €180 in Continental Europe (well Germany at least)... For once it looks like the UK is actually cheaper for something then Europe!
    1. F. D. R. Stuart
      WTF? Huh. I usually buy boxsets from Amazon UK for a fraction of their continental price..
  9. Tony Barnes
    Thumb Up

    Huh - actually affordable?

    Impressed - I've staved off buying a BR player for many years, but if they can start getting good box sets like this down to those prices, I might have to think again. Anyone know if they are re-mastered at all?
    1. Annihilator Silver badge

      Guardian says "yes"

      The equivalent Guardian article indicated they'd be re-mastered.
    2. Alan 6 Silver badge

      The current £50 DVD boxed set is remastered, the films look really good, although On Her Majesty's Secret Service has an error so when you pop the disk in it goes straight to mid-way through one of the features rather than firing up the menu.

      I would imagine this would be fixed for the Blu-Ray release...

  10. Donald Miller

    Pushing the clock

    My seventies are arriving fast enough without having seen Dr. No in 1952. Maybe you're thinking of Casino Royale on tv in 1954? Not, that's not included either. Let me remember seeing Oddjob fry in a Friday-night-packed small-town theater in 1964, at age 15, after drooling over Ursela Andress two years (and two movies) earlier.
  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just because it's on Blu-Ray doesn't mean a good transfer.

    I have a few films now that I have bought on Blu-Ray that look no better or in some cases worse (Where Eagles Dare) than on DVD. So I'll wait so see what the reviews think of the transfers before I decide.
  12. mrslappy
    Nor does it appear to feature the second, and arguably the best, Bond.
  13. chipxtreme
    I've got the first James Bond Blu Ray set with 6? films in and they are superb transfers. I'm sure I watched the special features and it said they were all transferred to 4K format from the original prints. Watching Dr No on blu ray you'd be amazed that it was made 50 years ago. I'm going to pre-order it even though I have 8 of the movies on blu ray already.
    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      The HD versions that Sky showed last year had additional restoration and remastering credits at the end.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Drop my Sky movies sub...

    This provides me with the perfect reason to drop my movies sub. I think it must be 18months plus since they had their HD Bond season, and it didn't include the excellent George Lazenby one which for some reason was slated. I still have the ones they did show on my HD Sky+ box, and since the rest of their 'movies' offerings are either current Hollywood kiddies films, or a constantly recycled dozen or so classics, it's time to save £18 a month and spend it on Blurays instead... PS when I say kiddies films, they are of course supposedly made for grown ups, but are in reality aimed solely at the US teen market.
    1. neb

      and the best bond ever award goes to..

      ..George Lazenby, though that Craig fella isn't too bad nowadays i suppose - though what the hell are they doing letting a bloody woman be in charge, and wheres Q eh, eh? surely they could have knocked up a robot version of the fella by now, he's only dead FFS!

  15. Martin Huizing

    Do you expect me to buy this set?

    No, Mr. Martin! I expect you to download it!

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