back to article Sprint tucks Google Wallet into new pay-by-tap phones

Sprint's two newly announced 4G handsets both support Google Wallet, bringing an important boost to Google's aspirations, but they also hammer the death nail into WiMAX in the USA. Sprint's last 4G handset, the "Sprint Nexus S 4G", was a WiMAX device, but Sprint has admitted backing the wrong 4G horse and is now transitioning …


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  1. Battsman

    Ding Dong

    Ding Dong the Wicked Wimax is dead.

    As a "user" (scratch that - make it "non-user") of Sprint / Windstream's crap WiMax product, I can't wait to see it die. "Non-user" in that I can't even run my HTC EVO phone on "4G" (WiMax) for more than about 20 minutes on a full battery. Oh and that assumes that I'm at full signal strength on that 4G signal - If I'm not then its slower than the 3G network. WTF???

    Compare to my wife whose work mobile is on Verizon LTE - runs all day connected to 4G no worries and is zippy enough that we haven't even bothered to configure hers to access the home WiFi.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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