back to article AT&T joins 'Linux for cloud', boosts HTML5 apps

AT&T – one of America's largest internet, phone and TV service providers – is throwing up an open-source cloud running OpenStack to court application developers. The giant has announced AT&T Cloud Architect, a planned service of elastic public, private and bare metal servers wrapped with different storage, network and …


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  1. a_been

    The problem with AT&T as well as most other carriers is that they cannot view themselves as anything more than parasites. The user is the bloodstream, they are the leech and the phone is the way to draw blood. Why has a carrier never made a phone that was good?

    AT&T used the iPhone to get customers but why the fuck didn't they do it themselves! Apple is coming from the left with iMessage, integrated twitter and we know more to come, Google is coming from the right with Gtalk and the ability to sub Motorola. Facebook and Amazon have the software ready, they must both be looking at the Gold on offer.

    I await the day when the carriers get fucked and we pay by usage, would be nice if some of the managers lost their jobs as well. This will happen, used to pay per minute in the UK then BT said per hour and I said "fuck you got VOIP" and fuck your international ripoff.

  2. Jon Massey

    No BSD?

    You'd think with AT&T's heritage and all that...

    1. Don Mitchell

      I worked at Bell Labs during the 1980s. BSD wasn't really viewed as proper UNIX by the purest, although our lab ran it instead of 32V (the research version of UNIX). It fixed a lot of problems, basically by incorporating VMS features into UNIX, but was considered too bloated and badly programmed. Last time I talked to one of those guys, I asked him about Linux, and he thought it was more bloated and badly documented than Windows. The idea of keeping an operating system clean and simple is long dead...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What's with the pictures lately?

    I can't figure out if the el reg icon artist is overworked, or just lonely...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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