back to article Elgato readies Thunderbolt-fed external SSD

CES 2012 Week Best known for its TV tuners, Germany's Elgato is moving into the storage biz. Announced at the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) today: a Thunderbolt-connected SSD. Elgato Thunderbolt SSD The solid-state drive is packed into a stylish casing that's the same size as your average portable hard drive. But …


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  1. Filippo

    What's the benefit of using Thunderbolt instead of the backwards-compatible USB3?

    1. Antidisestablishmentarianist

      Google, it's a thing

      In less characters that you used to ask your question you could have found loads of articles the subject: "Thunderbolt vs usb 3" etc. Just saying.

    2. MacRat

      USB3 is sloooow

      Doesn't compare to the 10Gbs bi directional thunderbolt.

  2. BristolBachelor Gold badge

    Another single-port TB peripheral :(

    Yet again, there is another TB peripheral that has completely missed the point of TB; It only has 1 port. That means you get to choose which ONE peripheral you want to use by plugging it into the ONE TB port on your computer.

    In my case; I choose to use my DisplayPort monitor, so this SSD can stay in the shop.

    As an aside, is this really a TB SSD, or is it just a SATA SSD and a TB interface card in a box?

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Until someone produces reliable cables, what's the point?

    There are plenty of posts on Apples support forum from users who have to wrap their (Very Expensive Apple) Thunderbolt cables in tin foil to get the *kin things to work!

  4. Havin_it


    Hate to be all quibbly, but three photos seems a little excessive for such a featureless device. Er, especially when two of them are THE SAME PHOTO.

    1. meteort

      Go right ahead being quibbly

      The first photo shows the drive with you data all safe and sound.

      The second photo shows the drive after all data has been lost due to an Elcrappo FW bug.

      Seriously, it would be nice to see the business end with the connectors, flashing LEDs, and panic button.

  5. Dave Jewell

    Can you say: "daisy-chain" ?

    I also wanted to see the business end. Couldn't really believe that Elgato would be dumb enough to stick just one connector on the thing. But if you follow the link to the Elgato web site, that's exactly what you find. Duhhh…..

This topic is closed for new posts.

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