back to article BSkyB nabs stake in telly babble app biz Zeebox

BSkyB has taken a 10 per cent equity stake in social telly chitchat app Zeebox. Anthony Rose's interactive TV venture launched last October, yet Sky has already bought into the business. The broadcaster said it would offer "unique 'augmented' TV viewing features" to its customers in the first half of this year. Rose - who …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Why do companies that are UK based and know that the majority of their audience is UK based insist on developing iOS apps first before Android when current user figures indicate that the smartphone market in the UK has a larger Android base. If anything at least develop them at the same time.

    Please note this is a valid inquiry based on current information I have to hand and is not a general slant on either fanbois camps whether they are Apple or Droid stamped.

    1. Ste 2

      Because they can make more return on IOS/Apple users, than the cheapy/free Android market.

    2. Joseph Lord

      Possible reasons why iOS first

      Someone said "Why iOS before Android?" I'm not linked to Zeebox but I can suggest some possible reasons.

      1) Zeebox started with the iPad (rather than iPhone) and if you are primarily targeting tablets iOS is the obvious option based on numbers and the reasons below.

      2) Even if sold numbers of Android beat iOS they may not be used quite as heavily so in usage time (ad showing opportunities) iOS may be bigger proportion than in device count.

      3) All[significant exaggeration] the media have iPhone/iPads so more likely to get press/news coverage etc. Also this applies to potential investors.

      4) Fewer device variants to worry about in terms of testing on iOS than Android means quicker release.

      There are probably more good and bad reasons but it would seem to me to be a reasonable choice to develop on the simpler (in terms of devices to handle) platform until the app is refined and operating at a good level with reputation built before making an equally good app for the other platform and introducing it when there is already demand for it and you can commit more time to testing on a variety of devices and software version.

      More "Elementary Dear Watson" than "No shit, sherlock" but I thought I would use Mr Homes' icon anyway.

      1. Rob
        Thumb Up

        Thanks guys...

        ... for the sensible answers, I figured point 4 in Joseph's post and then got distracted hence the question. Been a part of getting an app developed and I had to insist on not releasing anything until we had both iOS and Android versions available at the same time, but my considerations aren't commerical like Joesph mentioned but Public Sector orientated.

  2. @thecoda

    Hidden message?

    "Sky said its customers will, later this year, be able to manage Sky+ recordings remotely thanks to a Zeebox-powered app. They will also be able to use their iPhones or iPads as a remote control for their Sky box."

    Very interesting... The current Sky apps work by sending a "record" message to Sky's servers, which then have to send it to every box in the nation via a satellite feed (but tagged with your viewing card number). This approach looks a lot like it's going to have to run over your LAN, are Sky finally going to turn on that ethernet port for something more than downloading content?

  3. terd

    zeebox already works pretty well with my tivo.

    guess that will be quietly dropped now tho :(

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