back to article Lovefilm signs BBC streaming deal

Lovefilm's war with Netflix has yet to begin, but the battle lines are being drawn. The Amazon-owned disc rental service today said it has licensed BBC and ITV content to stream. Morse, Prime Suspect, Cold Feet and more will come from ITV's collection, while Doctor Who, Life On Mars, Spooks, Planet Earth and others will …


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  1. JediHomer

    Maybe silverlight will take off now ;)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Conflict of interest

    Didn't an important staff member from BBC go to work for LoveFilm?

  3. strangefish

    don't care

    BBC programmes I can watch on the telly or catch up on iplayer. If Lovefilm want to impress me they could get and sort out their long running (over three years I believe) failure to do a new deal with Universal so I can see stuff that isn't on freeview as well as the long list of movies from recent years that continue to be unavailale for rental.

  4. simonjon
    Thumb Up

    The Netflix app for PS3 arrived in the last firmware download. It loads fine: just won't accept logins just yet. The release can't be far off, then.

    Good news for console owners, less so for MUBI and LoveFilm...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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