back to article DRAM it: Elpida, Toshiba may hook up

Loss-making Japanese DRAM fab fabricator Elpida is reportedly in dire straights and being pushed into an alliance with disk drive and flash-maker Toshiba by the Japanese government, sources say. That's according to tipsters who spoke to Digitimes, saying that Elpida's public debt is in danger of not being repaid, effectively …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    4Gbit (512Mb) would be naff for a DD3. 4Gb was surely intended.

    While I do sympathise with Japanese Government for wanting to keep the capability local, it seems futile. What, I wonder, are they hoping will change in the future to make this endeavour, funded with my tax yen and especially my children's debt repayments, eventually profitable? When was there ever a case of the hardware circus setting up permanent shop, rather than just blowing along to the next site of cheap capital?

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