back to article Spire crack brings Siri to jailbroken iPhones

Siri, Apple’s much loved or otherwise personal assistant, can be accessed by jailbroken iPhones using an application dubbed Spire, says noted cracker Chpwn. The Spire crack, posted on Cyndia, enables the download of Siri code from Apple’s servers - which takes around 100MB so Chpwn recommends Wi-Fi use. Once installed, the …


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  1. LarsG


    They won't like this one bit will they, not one bit, especially as they had said the older phones where not good enough to run it.

    Watch out for a 'I'm going to sue you' for this patent case.

    Two weeks from now they bring out an update to block it!

    1. LarsG


      Here we go again, say anything against Apple and you get down voted.

      Imagine the censorship if Apple ran the world, it would be 1984 but ten times worse.

      The worst part is that generally there is a legitimate point to be made.... But noooooooooooooo, how dare anyone say anything about Apple.

      Bunch of narrow minded, closeted pilchards.

  2. Blake St. Claire

    The Attach of the Spelling Checkers

    > posted on Cyndia, enables the download of Siri

    That's Cydia.

  3. The Envoy


    What's all this "jailbreaking" I keep reading about in connection with iPhones. I would've thought such a popular piece of technology would come complete without the need to tamper with the construction?

    Trollingly yours,


  4. ChrisM

    Just as a matter of interest... Has anyone asked Siri how to jailbreak an iPhone?

    Might be fun to see what the response would be from inside the walled garden. . .

  5. AB

    So, err, has anyone...

    ...actually found a practical use for Siri once you get bored of amusing friends and co-workers on day 1?

    Outside the US it seems to be more or less totally useless, and even with the location services available in the US I fail to see what use it is for anyone [with fingers]. Perhaps in 10 years' time we'll wonder how we did without voice-recognition services, but I'm not yet convinced.

    Anyone care to enlighten me?

    1. Voland's right hand Silver badge

      How exactly do you use your fingers while driving?

      So enlighten the dumber ones amongst ones, how exactly to do you use your fingers while driving?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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