back to article Steve Jobs gets posthumous Grammy AND a bronze statue

Steve Jobs, who died in October this year, has been posthumously handed a Grammy award. Meanwhile, a "life-like" bronze statue of the Apple co-founder has been erected in Budapest, Hungary. Me woz born in da heart of da Staines ghetto The Recording Academy said that Jobs was among its list of 2011's "Trustees Award …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    is it cause me turtleneck is black?

  2. Peter Gordon


    the statue looks more like Sir Clive Sinclair to me, at least in that photo!

  3. amanfromearth

    Dat iPad is like well good, innit

    .. big it up for da Stevie J

  4. LarsG


    Idol worshippers unite, a place of pilgrimage at last.

    A new book will be published, the Steve Jobs Tales, compulsory literature in schools, 6 tales of pilgrims making their way to their idol.

    Chaucer will finally be relegated to the bottom draw.


    1. Aaron Em

      You spell it 'draw'

      and you're complaining about the death of literature? Seems a bit incongruous to me.

      (And perhaps you'd be entertained to know that, here in the colonies, when one speaks of 'drawers' and pronounces it 'draws', one speaks specifically of Y-fronts or other cotton undergarments. Which strikes me as a hell of a place to which to relegate ol' Geoff, but thanks for the laugh!)

  5. Danny 5

    bloody hell

    Can we all stop talking about Steve Jobs please? i was taught not to speak ill of the dead, but this is starting to get rather ridiculous. Let me say it one more time, in case it wasn't abundantly clear already. Steve Jobs was no saint, more the opposite if anything.

    The king is dead, love live the king!

    1. Aaron Em

      Sorry, no, I don't believe so

      Funny, your last sentence -- had we in the seceded colonies but had the wit and good sense so to elevate him in place of our present pathetically demotic system of supposed government, I suspect Mr. Jobs would've made the sort of king to whom we'd still refer, five hundred years from now, as "Steven the Great". No saint? Of course not! How many saints have made good rulers?

      1. graeme leggett

        tempted to agree

        Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia - killed aged 30-something (he looks older in the ilustrations of the carol!)

        Edmund the Martyr - doesn't seem to have done a lot

        Edward the Confessor - historians disagree but he should definitely have sorted the inheritence business out

    2. My backside


      No one is forcing you to read the article, moron. STFU!

      1. Danny 5

        wrong icon used

        you should've used the troll icon :)

        don't troll a troll, it doesn't work and there's a huge risk of causing a troll loop, which has the potential to destroy reality as we know it.

  6. Steve Evans


    How random.

    When I was there in the summer I noticed a very healthy selection of different handsets, so they're hardly a country of fanboys. Apple products are horrendously expensive there, for example it's cheaper to buy a Mac Pro in the UK and ship it to Hungary than it is to buy it locally.

    Not often the UK can be described as a cheap source!

  7. Jedit
    Thumb Up

    That left hand...

    Looked to me like he was giving everyone two fingers at first, which would make it a very lifelike posture. Then I saw that the angle was just bad and all four were there.

    On a sidebar, why has El Reg not yet reported Apple's being granted the patent on multitasking phones? I would have thought you'd be all over that.

    1. Doogie1

      "Looked to me like he was giving everyone two fingers at first, which would make it a very lifelike posture. Then I saw that the angle was just bad and all four were there"

      I think he's counting the total number of Android tablet sales.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Me too, Me Too...

    Does your company need publicity?

    Does you business need to be associated with the trendy people?

    Then join us at

    1. AndyDent

      Graphisoft are genuine

      I worked to develop a building information system for a company using ArchiCAD, in the early nineties. At that time, the story of how much encouragement they had received was well known amongst ArchiCAD users. When they started, they were literally working out CAD software on paper and having it compiled outside the country.

      I suspect you have to have worked closely with people from former communist countries, as I have, to understand how much this kind of support meant to them. I have no doubts that their sentiments are genuine.

      If the statue had been erected in the USA, I'd be cheering on your sentiment but your cynicism is misplaced.

    2. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

      No, He's just gesticulating to his critics/fanbois

      But then I always thought he was a bit of a gesticulator anyway.

  9. zen1


    Does this mean every time I use an iAnything, I must turn towards Cupertino, hail St. Steve, sacrafice a $10.00 bill and then flip off any Wintel device that's within visual distance?

  10. David 45

    Oh dear

    Yet more totally unjustified adulation for a guy who appeared not to have any manners and was bullish to the extent of being downright rude, judging by the e-mails that were previously published. His influence on the computer industry was NOT as god-like as some folk would have you believe. He was certainly a master of spin and propaganda, hyping new Apple products to the hilt to try and justify their hideously over-inflated prices. A bit of style maybe - but that's all you're paying through the nose for. Oh - and for the "privilege" of Apple having total control over the product, even though you may have thought the good money you paid made it yours to do with whatever you saw fit.

  11. Dick Emery

    Won't be there for long...

    ...not wiv da price ov scrap me'al bein' wot it

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