back to article Clever patching keeps the system serviceable

It was the kind of day most systems administrators would like to forget. A customer of Canadian security consultant David Lewis, founder of the Liquidmatrix Security Digest, had decided to roll out a software patch to a Symantec product. Unfortunately, the firm didn’t check the patch as well as it could have and the tweak …


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  1. Aaron Em

    "...a Symantec product"

    Any sysadmin worth his packet sniffer should be able to spot the problem here without any trouble at all. Of course, any sysadmin who'd deploy a Symantec product...well, it's near Christmas and I'm feeling vaguely jolly, so for the sake of kindness and Yuletide cheer let's just assume it was forced on him by fiat from far above, shall we?

    1. Vic

      > it was forced on him by fiat from far above

      A Fiat from above would be an appropriate course of action for anyone that deliberately let Symantec onto their network.

      Even an old 500 would be sufficient, as long as you dropped it form at least 15 feet.


  2. Anonymous Coward


    ROFLAO - you said "security consultant" and "Symantec product" in the same sentence, that's funny.

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