back to article Mozilla, Google extend 'sweethearts' browser deal for 3 years

Mozilla has extended its revenue deal with Google for another three years, following some will-they-won't-they speculation about the future of that "sweethearts" partnership. Interestingly, the contract renewal comes just weeks after Google's Chrome browser gently brushed past Mozilla's Firefox to become the world's second- …


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  1. Tom 15


    Well, when Google first negotiated the deal Firefox has around 25%. Now they still have ~25% but Chrome has ~25%. It's all good news for Google really... they're now the default search engine on over 50% of desktop systems and pretty much all mobile devices.

    1. John Sanders

      @Tim 15

      Exactly my thoughts.

  2. Mike Taylor

    Could be an anti-monopoly tactic

    Given the crap the MS got into with IE, funding an alternative browser - whilst still benefiting from it - is a very sensible strategy.

  3. Heironymous Coward

    Chrome popularity irrelevant

    The popularity of Chrome makes no difference to this deal, only the popularity of Firefox has some bearing on it (i.e. how many browsers / eyes have Google as their default search engine).

  4. wiggers

    Google toolbar?

    Does this mean Google will support the toolbar on Firefox again? Hasn't been working since about v6 AFAICR.

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