back to article Seagate sucks hard disk biz from Samsung

It's done: Seagate has completed the transaction to acquire Samsung's hard disk drive business. Now it has to do the grunt work of integrating the two product lines. Seagate has gained Samsung’s Spinpoint MP4 and M8 line of 2.5in HDDs and a boffinry centre in South Korea. Samsung employees joining Seagate include a number of …


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  1. banjomike

    Samsung HDD customers can expect ...

    ...more of the same, world-class support they're used to receiving from Samsung.

    I wonder about that. I switched to Samsung from Seagate/Maxtor because Seagate/Maxtor products were rubbish and the "support" is non-existrnt. In the time I have been using Samsung I have never NEEDED to use the support because the disks I have all work faultlessly.

    1. snowlight
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      Agreement on the suckage of Seagate/Maxtor, I've had countless problems over the past decade with seagate drives both at work and home (a year of use for most of them and then they died), I started exclusively using samsung drives at home around 6 years ago and only now has one of them started failing.

      Overall a bad sign for HDD lifespan unless the boffins being transferred can influence seagate's decisions as to design and quality.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      After IBM De[sk/ath]star I bought Seagate drives for ages. Never had a problem with them at all... in fact the only reason I switched at all was because the WD drives were better... though my Velociraptor extincted itself which wasn't so pleasant. RMA process was pretty smooth tbh.

  2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    Doubt support is going to be an issue

    They bought a maker of laptop spinning rust?

    In other news: GM have agreed to buy Volkswagon's horse drawn carriage business

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Bit shortsighted?

      You think all that cloud storage runs on SSDs?

  3. Richard Lloyd

    3.5" drives - what about them?

    No mention of 3.5" drives, which most desktops use nowadays - or are desktop PCs so out of fashion now that Seagate/Samsung don't make them any more? Not a single 2TB drive listed in the article, never mind the 4TB SATA drives that have turned up recently (in Japan, though I believe that wasn't Seagate/Samsung). I guess those two Samsung F4 2TB 3.5" drives in my desktop PC are a mirage then? :-)

  4. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    No - I think it runs on large enterprise drives, this deal is for Samsung's 2.5in drives

  5. ad47uk
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    So Seagate now got Samsung, Weston digital getting hold of Hitachi, that is really going to be good for the consumer.

    Lack of choice, just like there is in the CPU and Graphics card market.

    I hate Seagate drives, I used to like Maxtor until seagate got their grubby hands on them

    1. Nigel 11


      > "I used to like Maxtor until seagate got their grubby hands on them".

      Maxtor was the company whose drives gave me so much grief that I came to avoid them, albeit with a full understanding that the probabilities favoured the hypothesis that I'd just been unlucky. My worry was the inverse of yours!

      Seriously, you'd need an absolutely huge number of drives to start drawing conclusions about manufacturers in general. What's clear is that every manufacturer has on occasion shipped bad batches, caused usually by a component supplier shipping substandard components . Also that some models turn out to age less well than the manufacturer hoped. This is inevitable, given that the tech moves so fast that by the time a drive is known to be reliable in service, it's also obsolete.

  6. David Austin

    I'm Worried.

    I Jumped to Samsung's quite frankly amazingly quick and Quiet 1TB SpinPoint Range after a batch of loud and clunky Seagate Barracuda's soured the experience with poor performance and a higher than expected failure rate.

    When the Spinpoint range dies (Or become Re-badged Barracuda's) I think I'll switch to WD Black to see if Seagate do to Samsung what Maxtor did to Seagate.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Just when I'd found a hard drive maker that hadn't gone the way of Seagate... grrrrr

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