back to article AMD speed-bumps, unlocks chips for desktop, notebook

AMD has speed-bumped its A-Series APUs for desktops and notebooks, added an update to its AMD Steady Video tech, and for the first time made a pair of its CPU-GPU mashups overclockable. The speed bumps are nothing major, but the overclockable APUs (accelerated processing units) should be welcome to those desktoppers who have a …


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  1. Figgus

    "The chips' AMD Steady Video tech is designed to stabilize shaky home-shot video, not to make The Blair Witch Project any less nausea-inducing."

    The nausea from that movie had NOTHING to do with the shaky video.

    I find that nVidia had the best solution to BW nausea with their BGA mobile Geforce chips... They simply heat failed and saved you the agony of viewing the movie at all.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Good to see AMD ramping Llano

    It's good to see AMD able to ship more Llano CPUs as they are great for laptop use IME.

    1. Ian McNee

      AMD could try ramping production too

      Have you tried to get hold of A8 APUs over the past few weeks? Rare as rocking horse poop! Having built a box to order with a Fusion APU they seem to me to offer excellent value for all-round use but if AMD can't meet demand Fusion is not going to save them against Intel in the desktop market.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Aye. Rocking horse poop...

    I've been refreshing here on a regular basis:


    But seeing as the 3870K is now due, I'll wait again. I understand the Trinity APUs due in March won't use the FM1 socket, rather FM2, making current boards obsolete. If we're waiting till the end of Jan in the UK for these, it'll probably be worth waiting again. Or going Core, though I really wanted to try an APU.

    Sort it out AMD.

    1. tmTM

      Another Irate waiter

      I've been trying to get hold of an A8 chip for a good month now, most places don't expect another shipment till the new year.

      Trinity production is 'scheduled' to start end of March - but I doubt that given AMD's current form.

      from what I've heard it'll be FM1 socket, not FM2 so will be backward compatible.

      Blame lies with Global Foundries who can't make the chip well enough and in decent quantities.

      Should have gone to TMSC.

      Fail, because that's what AMD's production has been recently.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The reason new chips are available is because production is up

    The reason AMD can offer new speed bump chips is because production is up. It will take a few weeks to fill the supply channel however. The unlocked models should be extra good fun.

  5. Relgoshan

    Silly Desktop User... can overclock a laptop Llano to nearly the same speeds. 2.2/2.6 GHz for gaming with dual graphics, 2.8/3.0 for CPU-only work. With undervolt/underclock, 7+ hrs on a smaller battery or up to 14+ on a fat 9-cell.

    Even the A4 has sufficient graphical power for DXVA-accelerated video, A8 laptops can play Battlefield 3 and other heavy games. AMD can't do much against desktop i-series, but their laptop APUs deliver an helluva value for money.

  6. karolbe

    I would even buy one of these, but AMD drivers (and support) for Linux are so lame that I will never buy AMD GPU.

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