back to article Christmas headaches? We prescribe a year long course of BOFH

Still looking for that last minute stocking filler? Perhaps for a loved one? Like yourself? Well, have you considered spending Christmas and New Year's with the Bastard Operator from Hell? It costs less than the price of a pint to get your eyes round El Reg's collected BOFH 2011. Every one of the Simon and the PFY's …


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  1. James 51

    When are you going to realease it in epub?

    1. JudeKay (Written by Reg staff)


      Hi James,

      There are no plans as yet to publish in epub format. I will let you know if this changes.

      Regards, El Mod

      1. Alfred

        No need, shipmate

        The pirates are way ahead of you. You've got to compete with both free AND available in a convenient format.

      2. Dan 55 Silver badge


        La Mod, ¿surely?

  2. This post has been deleted by a moderator

    1. Pete Foster


      I'm with you there!

      It's not so much the push down, it's the slide back up when you're halfway through reading an article.


    2. Anonymous Coward


      +1 I say.

  3. Alastair Dodd 1

    What no Kobo/Epub support?

    Don't hand the book market to Amazon on a platter please

  4. Vulch

    Less than the price of a pint?

    I hate to think what you're drinking...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's £4.59. Expensive pints of beer at Reg HQ.

  6. Kimball Johnson

    I don't know where you go drinking, but if £4.59 is less than a pint it's the wrong place!

  7. Dr. G. Freeman

    for the price of a pint

    £ 4.59 is the price of a pint ?

    You're drinking in the wrong pubs then- £4.59 would get you a few here in Dundee.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      yeah, but.

      then you'd have to drink in Dundee.

    2. Andus McCoatover

      8-Ace (From Viz) £1.49

      Nuff shad

  8. Red Bren

    Price of a pint?

    You're drinking in the wrong place! And its a bit pricey for only 19 chapters of stuff I've already read...

  9. we all know how irritating it is having to interact with the shopkeeper in any way Silver badge


    I have no kindle. Have no intention of getting one. Only read books -- on paper.


    1. Alfred

      Oh no


      We're really broken up. We'd set our hearts on your reading this. Christmas is ruined.

    2. charlie-charlie-tango-alpha

      re: Kindle?

      I agree. Dead trees make more sense.

  10. maniax


    What about a hardcopy version, it would make the perfect gift for Christmas to give to some people :)

  11. Andrew Yeomans

    Expensive pints?

    You can also get the previous 6 years for £3.58.

  12. Peter Mount

    Reg must drink in the most expensive pub in the UK

    £4.59 for half a pint! The most expensive full pint I've come across is in Soho & even that was about £6.50 - I won't be drinking in there again I can tell you :-(

  13. stucs201

    Is it complete?

    If so does this mean we could read the last one of the year, due on Friday 23rd early? Surely you're doing one last xmas themed one to round off the year and give your readers the xmas present they want. Ps post it a little earlier in the day than normal, we may well be heading to the pub once lunchtime arrives.

  14. Brian Miller
    Big Brother

    I want O'Really t-shirts!

    Never mind a collected BOFH, I want the t-shirts again! That's right, I don't have to look over your shoulder, because I can read all of your packets! Bwahahahaha!

  15. Veni, Vidi, Velcro

    What, no Nook book love?

  16. Maty

    'So, unless you want to spend the rest of the year avoiding lift shafts - '

    Whew! I knew there was a reason for moving to a small country town. Nearest lift-shaft is approx 260km away. I reckon it's safe to spend the money on beer ...

  17. David Haig

    And the other T-Shirt ....

    "Your PC's Broken .... And I've got a problem?"

  18. Mark Berry

    Must be in

    Norway. Last time I was in Bergen, 2 bottles of brown cost about 15 quid.......

  19. cyberwolf
    Black Helicopters

    Woohoo, I gonna enjoy having this available wherever I go.

  20. The Dark Lord

    Short years at El Reg

    First 2011 issue 11th Feb, last issue 18th Nov. I make that 10 months' of BOFH.

    Christmas is my busiest time of the year while the clients panic to set everything up for the New Year. Is BOFH on holiday for two months?

    Easy life...

  21. Christian Berger


    So how much for the PDF then? Why should I invest money into some proprietary DRM encumbered format which I probably won't be able to read.

    1. paulc


      careful... that can be DRM'd as well...

  22. Craig 28

    Another vote for alternative format

    I do not use Amazon's book service, I do not intend to use it. For me it's a more widely supported format like epub/pdf or get knotted.

    I would have been happy to buy this ebook purely as a sign of support for BoFH, I could just as easily copy and paste the stories into a word processor myself for free and then convert them into a suitable format should I wish to. This format limitation however is something I find unacceptable. At the very least you could have released on iBooks as well, I know it's a lock in too but at least you could choose your poison.

    (No the Kindle app on iOS isn't a suitable alternative to me, the app has no support for iOS' disability features unlike iBooks. The cheap Kindle device has no disability features and I refuse to buy the expensive Kindle just for a handfull of books I can't get from either iBooks or Audible UK)

  23. James O'Brien

    you know

    Its times like this I'm glad I have taken 2 years (alcohol called what can I say for the long time span) to copy all the bofh articles to date and put them in a nice file to read where ever. While this is a nice idea I would rather have a massive compilation vs this years limited selection...

  24. Andus McCoatover

    OK, Kindle's one concept...

    But I had a book, the Admiralty Signals Handbook (1931) which was a serious guide to radio. I gave it away to a work colleague, who was embarking on a career in wireless communication. (I'd refer to it regularly, as well as the 1947 "Signals handbook" (I think) which had wonderful pull-out charts and diagrams of T-E waves in a waveguide. The formulas and physics were as accurate then, as they are today.).

    I wish now, I hadn't parted with them...

    Point is, where's my Kindle in 5 years? In the same drawer as my other obsolete, broken stuff?

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