back to article AT&T gives up on T-Mobile pre-merge purge

Talks to sell off some of AT&T's assets to make its merger with T-Mobile USA seem a little less anticompetitive have reportedly stalled. People familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal that one of the options to get regulatory approval for the deal - offloading assets to make the end company less of a behemoth - …


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  1. Simon Rockman


    My prediction is that Vodafone will bid for AT&T, financing it by selling it's stake in Verizon mobile to Verizon.

    This will give Vodafone a network it owns with full control in the US.

  2. Colin_L

    when the AT&T deal fails...

    I fully expect some US cable giants to be bidding. If Comcast can buy NBC, why can't they buy T-Mobile?

  3. BillG

    There is a Rumor

    It is rumored that many of the government people reviewing this deal using T-Mobile, and don't want AT&T crapping on their lawns.

  4. admiraljkb

    With the ATT deal dead, I felt comfortable getting Tmobile service, so I ditched Sprint which seems to be rapidly dying after spending 20billion (it didn't have) on the iPhone.

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