back to article Google+ gets group vid, Nokia still has a Pulse

Google+ is adding group video to its hangouts on Android, while Nokia Pulse gets updated for those who like their social networking a little less social. Both networks are very mobile-orientated, but Nokia Pulse is primarily about geotagging content for sharing with groups of cloud-based friends while Google+ has bigger fish …


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  1. JDX Gold badge

    I've never _heard_ of Pulse. Should I?

    I have heard Google's hangouts are pretty decent for video though, especially since you can add moustaches.

  2. sebacoustic

    bohemians video

    I don'tr find is sickening, I rather like it.

    Sad tough that this is of course science fiction: the latency of *any* form of telecommunication makes long-discance music making impossible, until round-trip latencies in the order of 10ms are achieved. And they won't be for a good time yet.

    Well maybe it's not too sad because it means that to do something like singing together we still have to meet in person!

    1. Chris Miller

      Very true, but

      10ms RTT implies a separation of less than 1,000 miles (since light travels just under 3,000km in that time). Add in inevitable processing delays and the slower speed of light in fibre and you're probably looking at a couple of hundred miles, max.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Nokia Pulse is a proprietary "Social Network" thus doomed to fail

    It is only available on Nokia hardware... hasn't anyone at Nokia worked out the flaw in this plan? It's dead before it even lived.

    Although I do have to wonder how many Nokia owners would really be that interested in constantly sharing their location with people - the concept sounds so lame from the get go, to then restrict it to devices that have collapsing market share only compounds the fail.

    At least with Google+, thanks to it's openly available API, it's likely to appear on any platform for which someone cares to build an app.

  4. AnoNymousGerbil
    Thumb Down

    Vid crap aint gonna save it...

    G+ still requiring "real" name? If so, still as useless as ever...

    1. pklausner

      Nope. Unlike FB they now expressly allow pseudonyms:

      1. AnoNymousGerbil

        Interesting, so G+ might turn out to be something useful IF they ever start to support pseudonyms... Had missed that one, thanks.

  5. Hardcastle the ancient


    I am 60 and British. I am /never/ going to participate in something called a "Hangout" under any circumstances.

    1. Robert E A Harvey
      Thumb Up

      Well, Quite.

  6. JDX Gold badge

    re:G+ still requiring "real" name? If so, still as useless as ever...

    Damn right. Look at FaceBook, they only have a ONE HUNDRED MILLION+ real names.

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