back to article Pop teen beats Steve Jobs in Google's 2011 popularity contest

Google has acknowledged the global dominance of arch-rivals Apple as the Chocolate Factory's 2011 Zeitgeist chart shows Apple placed not just once but three times in the internet popularity contest. Measuring the fastest rising search terms by popularity, the Zeitgeist charts track topics that got Google's global users into …


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  1. Usually Right or Wrong

    couple of observations

    Google have been accused of rigging search results, is Google+ another example?

    Steve Jobs (sadly) dies, every man and dog Googles Steve Jobs, so you would expect him to appear in 2011 but not necessarily the top number of searches.

    1. Voland's right hand Silver badge

      Some people are sufficiently popular not to need Googling

      So Steve's position in the zeitgeist not surprising.

      1. Northern Fop

        Fastest *rising* search terms

        Rebecca Black going from zero to 10 million searches easily outperforms Steve going from 4 million to 10 million searches (numbers made up). If it was on percentage terms then the situation is even starker, obviously.

        I'm sure Mr Jobs waa googled a lot through the whole year - so it's actually quite impressive he made the list at all.

  2. Richard Wharram

    Well it IS Friday...


    Saturday comes aft-er-words.

  3. Homer 1


    I'd never heard of three of the five people mentioned. #1 is one of those who's apparently "famous for being famous" (but only in America), like those "Kardashian" people that we all thought were Star Trek characters. #7 is a karaoke-grade singer who wrote a half-decent song, and #9 is a narcissist who developed a God-complex by making shiny toys, then died because he refused medical treatment. I didn't even bother looking up #3 and #4.

    The non-people thingies are just as uninspiring. #2 is Yet Another Social Network, for those who like every private detail of their life spread across the Internet, with the added bonus that it forbids you doing so anonymously. #5 is Yet Another Co-op Shooter designed to glamorise the US foreign policy of hostile invasion and regime change for the benefit of oil companies. #6 and #10 are shiny toys made (or rather just promoted) by the aforementioned narcissist, one of which is just vapourware, and the other is best known for trying to corner the market on such truly "inventive" concepts as "rounded rectangles" and "flat surfaces".

    The only search term of any merit in that list is #8, an earthquake-induced Chernobyl-like disaster (almost).

    If this list is truly representative of human interests, then I wish to make a formal application for a change of species, preferably not "Kardashian".

    1. HamsterNet

      Application granted

      You are now officially an Ass

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        A pompous, self-righteous one at that!

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Next year we'll try to cater to your sensitivities by spending our time Googling 'Meaning of Life', 'SUSY' and 'How to become a more tolerant human being', shall we?

    3. Trokair 1


      #5 is sufficiently awesome to warrent multple searches. As for glamoriseing US foreign policy, you do know that you play on both sides right? How is blowing away the us troopers on Operation Metro glorifying them? Find another site to rant to. Just try to make some sense next time.

  4. Darryl

    @Homer 1

    When you looked those up, did you by any chance look them up on Google? If so, then you just contributed to the list.

  5. Manu T

    This shows just how decadent the western world really is.

    A meaningless nobody with a trivial song about her empty shallow life becomes No.1.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Ah, I disagree:

      This shows how inconsequential the rest of the world is (as compared to the United States), that a meaningless nobody with a trivial song about her empty shallow life becomes No. 1. Indeed, only two results are from any other country - and one is related to a disaster of epic proportions.

      It's all in how you look at it.

  6. DavidK

    Who needs to search for Adele?

    You could hardly miss her.

  7. JDX Gold badge


    Nice of you to decide musical taste is now an exact science. You should write to all those deluded people who think otherwise.

  8. Homer 1


    If I'm considered an over-sensitive, self-righteous and pompous ass to hope world plus dog might take preferential interest in something even a bit more important than some tone-deaf kid with an autotuner, fruit-themed toys and a war propaganda video game, then I'll proudly wear that t-shirt.

    In fact I'm having it printed right now.

  9. Local Group

    Casey Anthony #4

    (Puts the entire list into the memory hole.)

  10. Chris_Maresca

    google+ probably not what you think

    it could easily be people constructing a query string....

    1. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

      @Chris_Maresca it could easily be people constructing a query string....

      No way! That would mean they were trying to Google "Google" and if you type "Google" into Google, you can break the internet. EVRYONE in IT knows that.

  11. Ken 16

    iPhone 5

    It can't be that popular, no-one's bought one

  12. Zoob

    Too Cool

    HTC is too cool to appear on a list........Ruunung for cover

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