back to article Prada and LG peg up third fashion phone

The tech meets trendsetter partnership between the fashion tour de force Prada and Korean electronics giant LG continues where others have failed. Indeed, that was the message both companies were pleased to convey as the third Prada phone by LG was unveiled with some seriousness at Claridges in London yesterday. Prada Phone by …


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  1. KroSha

    My gf still has her original 1st gen Prada LG. It still works well, if it is looking quite tired by now. Maybe this'll persuade her to upgrade.

  2. Giles Jones Gold badge

    The involvement of a top fashion house and yet it still looks like a naff piece of plastic?

    Perhaps they should stick to making clothes, they obviously can't compete with Apple in the consumer electronics design department.

  3. Peter Storm

    Why would anyone buy this? Actually, thinking about it, you could probably put the Prada logo on a dog turd, and sell it to the airheads.

    1. KnucklesTheDog

      Question is, why did someone *think* anyone would buy this? Apple are already the Prada of consumer electronics, and I've heard they've already got a phone out.

      It makes as much sense as Apple making a handbag.

  4. Stuart Archer

    Apparently the fashionistas are going for Nokia now?!

  5. Lord Elpuss Silver badge
    Thumb Up


    ...I quite like it.


  6. tmTM

    Skinned OS?

    That one will be copied, re-packed and available to all phones who want it before the Prada phone is even launched.

    As for the case, that just looks cheap and nasty - I doubt anyone will want to copy that.

  7. DrXym

    At least it's not as bad

    As those denim phones a few years back which had a clothing tag sticking out of the side. I have to wonder who buys this tat though.

  8. Jim Coleman

    "And before you ask, yes it will be upgradeable to Ice Cream Sandwich."

    In 2017.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ooh look the guts of bog standard phone with specially designed casing and exclusive silly sticky decals all over it, being sold for a lot more than the same phone down CW!

    One born every minute!

  10. SiempreTuna

    If Apple can sue Samsung over copying ..

    .. surely LG/Prada should sue apple: the iPhone's a complete rip off the first Prada, form factor, touch screen, even the over-pricing ..

  11. Darryl
    Thumb Down


    Boring monolith phone with a boring black & white skin on the OS. And because it says "Prada" on it, it will cost 5-10x what it's actually worth.

  12. alviator

    Same ole LG with a Prada sticker

    It still looks just like any other LG phone out there. A big slab of black plasticky mess.

    What was Prada's input in the design? Point out there to paste the logo?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Would love to see Apple try to sue LG for any copying of design

    That would make for a very interesting court case seeing as the original Prada was one of the original smartphone concepts in this format with this sort of tech. It was announced and won design awards a year before Apple was launched and before the iPhone was even talked about.

    Astute observers would say that the iPhone was quite a rip off of the original LG Prada concept and design. Admittedly the iPhone had a far nicer UX overall and that's where it became an instant hit.

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