back to article Visa probes reported security breach of card processor

Credit card issuer company Visa is investigating the possible breach of a payment processor in Europe that may have compromised more than 10,000 cards in Eastern Europe. In a statement issued on Thursday, according to IDG News, the issuer said: “Visa Europe has been informed of a potential data security breach at a European …


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  1. Spoonsinger

    I've reakon it was either...

    Jacques Chirac or disgraced former European Minister, Keith Vaz.

  2. clint11

    Card Security

    As has already been proven, if the card issuers had spent another £1:50 per card most of the card fraud would not have happened.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Cite sources please.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    " identified a garden-variety SQL-injection exploit"

    What can you say apart from "Sack the dev team who allowed this to happen!"

    1. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

      "garden-variety SQL-injection exploit"

      "Sack the dev team"

      That will be gardening leave then..

    2. Gerhard Mack
      Thumb Up

      I wish

      If incompetence was a firing offense, a lot of the retail industry and most of the credit card processing industry would be forced to shut down.

      Dealing with a processor now that has a system that was designed to use the end user's browser to contact the bank and return the reply to the merchant. Shockingly hard to work around their design and turn it into something secure.

      1. Alan Firminger

        Is not PayPal secure ?

        Credit cards could follow the same process.

  4. fajensen

    "Last year, Gonzalez was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison." - While Corzine, who nicks 1.2 Trillion, is not even in jail yet and eventually will get off with a no-fault settlement costing the usual 1-2% of the loot!

  5. Anonymoüs Coward


    I was only issued with a new debit card as well...

  6. zen1

    Two words: Heartland Processing

    Really? Like this could actually come as a surprise to anybody? Given that there are a significant number of hops between each time a credit card is used and the issuing bank (most of which are outsourced to heaven knows where), I'm actually surprised that there's not more identity theft and transaction fraud.

    A friend and business associate of mine lost one of her businesses because of the crap that went on inside of Heartland. But the truly sad thing is that Visa/MC automatically assumed that her business was to blame and required her to spend close to $100,000 on audits and security remediation, none of which was credited back to her, when it was Heartland. But that's water under the bridge.

    Maybe the Credit Card industry should take a good hard look at PCI, as well as the number of third party transaction processors they have, handling our information. And instead of jacking up interest rates, usage fees and other such hidden surcharges (used to cover their losses) maybe they should start penalizing the people in the middle, the processors.

  7. James Woods

    At the end of the day it's always amusing to read about credit card fraud with issues related to the non-cardholder.

    I had an experience working with a merchant account provider that turned out to be fraudulent. IE. they claimed to have 2 banks backing them and when we became suspicious of them contacted each bank to verify the relationship and surprise surprise neither bank knew who they were nor had any relation with them.

    So we went through the usual channels and eventually contacted visa/mastercard to advise them of the wrongdoing. Guess what? I couldn't even get in contact with one of them and the other didn't even know where to transfer me to for issues like this.

    So none of this ever comes as a surprise to me.

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