back to article BigPond customers targeted by phishers

Telstra’s beleaguered BigPond customers, who suffered a major security breach last week when customer details were leaked to the web, are now subject to a targeted phishing campaign. Sophos reports that an email is doing the rounds urging BigPond users to confirm their billing information or risk the suspension of their …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Use Bigpond users shrug off; beleaguered, we laugh at beleaguered,we're used to much worse stuff.

  2. Nerf Herder

    And the rest

    Telstra are also calling customers, but the call comes from an 08 (Western Australia) number belonging to an associated marketing sub-contractor, even though the caller says they're Telstra from (your city).

    The problem is that the caller doesn't clearly identify what the call is about and the first thing the caller asks for is your date of birth, right after there's been a big privacy breach. I even asked if it was related to the privacy breach and was told "no" it's a "line issue" and "we need to confirm your details". After much investigation, it turned out to be legitimate, but, at the time, it was indistinguishable from a scam call.

    At the very least, it's a lousy way to go about this business. IMHO, typical bloody Telstra!

  3. Rex di Bona

    Twitter? Why Twitter?

    So I am supposed to follow twitter for important service information these days?

    What next? Outage changes through a facebook status update? Status: more than usually broken.

    I have a bigpond account, but no contact from Telstra about this. Or is an article in elReg about a twitter update sufficient? Probably better than I'll get from Telstra.

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