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There are quite a few apps that can be used to stitch together a series of overlapping photos in order to create a single, wide-angle panoramic picture. These apps all use clever algorithms to try to line up elements within the photos in order to create a seamless overlap, but even the smartest software can’t do much to help if …


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  1. GrumpyJoe

    Just like Bruce Forsyth's wig

    I can see the join...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Microsoft Photosynth isn't quite as posished for the UI but it is free and does a good job of panoramas

  3. Eddie Edwards
    Thumb Down

    Surprised at 80%

    Given the poor quality of the produced panoramas (discontinuous kerb slopes, blurring of bricks and windows) I'm surprised this gets 80%. It seems to me that the devs are using the gyroscope as a hack to help them fix a poor-quality seaming algorithm. Considering what could be done with a proper understanding of the mapping from pixel to ray and using the gyroscope and accelerometer data to improve the matching process (i.e. SLAM), this seems like more of a novelty item.

    There are dozens of panorama apps on the iPhone which achieve similar quality, and most of them are free.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      I also notice

      that for all it nags you about holding it consistently upright, it then fails to take pictures with consistent exposure settings, so the resultant panorama has obvious vertical shading bands.

  4. clean_state
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    bad stiching indeed

    I wanted to post about the bad results too. I am not the first one apparently....

  5. AndrewInIreland

    Thanks for the review...

    but on checking the results it made my mind up to not buy this app. Poor seaming, overuse of feathering and no exposure smoothing. Nice UI elements do not a good app make.

  6. uhuznaa

    No good

    Might be a clever app but the panoramas are awful.

    Try AutoStitch Panorama -- you don't need to hold the phone any special way, just snap away overlapping in vertical and horizontal orientation just as you like, even in several rows, and it will analyze and stitch the photos together. Creates much better panoramas with even less bother while taking the photos.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    My camera does this already, at least for 3 frames.

    And that's the cheapest Fuji pocket camera in the shop. It uses image tracking to place a cross on the scene that tracks around as you move the camera. When you line it up with a fixed circle on the display it takes the next shot. Sometimes it screws up but mostly it does an excellent stitching job.

    I found Autostitch a pain as it doesn't let you provide hints. Photosynth is unpleasant to use. Best one I've found is PhotoStitch, that comes bundled with Canon cameras.

  8. JeffyPooh

    Sweep panorama is available on Sony (et al) pocket cameras

    Sweep it back and forth to paint the large picture.

    Anything less is not there yet.

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