back to article I have you now! Top 10 Star Wars Xmas presents

With the shops jammed and checkout lines up the wazoo, it would be forgivable to buy Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray from Amazon for The Wars fan in your life, and think "job done". The Reg, however, has channeled The Force to show there is another way, with 10 of the best Star Wars gifts. From the Millennium Falcon, …


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  1. Robin Strong

    I know what you are getting for Christmas...

    ...I have felt your presents!

  2. Code Monkey
    Thumb Up

    Yoda Christmas tree lights! R2-D2 Christmas tree lights! It'd take me til next Christmas to decide which to go for.

    1. Captain Scarlet


      Get two christmas tree's made out of lightsabres!

      Hopefully means double the presents (Hopefully not slices in half)!

  3. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. Thomas 4

      Is buying the Blu-Ray a good idea for the hardcore Star Wars fan in your life?


    2. Sutekh

      Yoda isn't in episode IV.

      Mine's the long Jedi robe...

  4. Richard 120


    There's some awesome Star Wars Lego out there -

    1. WorkingFromHome
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      To right - my son can't get enough Star Wars Lego - the sets, the books, the games. Obviously I try to get him to go outside to play instead, honestly I do...

    2. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

      Some nice sets on that site, I think I’ll get the death star, just in case the gran-kids come around <cough><cough>

      I like the key rings as well, I wonder do they do a princess leia in jabba the hutt bondage gear key ring, *NOW* that’s something I’d be interested in

  5. HP Cynic

    I played with a mate's Lego Star Wars Millenium Falcon the other week: it's massive and belongs on this list though it is £340+ and takes aeons to construct.

    Sad to see how well the "Complete Saga" Blu-ray set sold considering there was the option to buy a set containing just the 3 actual Star Wars movies.

    1. Shoot Them Later

      "I played with a mate's Lego Star Wars Millenium Falcon the other week: it's massive and belongs on this list though it is £340+ and takes aeons to construct."

      - Surely you mean it takes *parsecs* to construct?

      1. Zett Jukassa

        No, not parsec mean do you

        A parsec is an astronomical measure of distance, approx = 3.26 light years, so Han's boast in Ep IV isn't one of time but of distance.

        The Kessel Run is a smugglers route through the Maw Cluster of black holes, supposedly a minimum 18 parsecs in length whilst avoiding the event horizons. Han's claim of making it in less than 12 parsecs indirectly refers to the speed of the Falcon i.e. able to travel at x1.5 light speed, thus through the event horizons and consequently reducing the distance (safely) travelled.

        And back to the real world / universe:

        1. Shoot Them Later

          @Zett Jukassa

          I'm aware of that the parsec is a measure of distance - I was attempting to have a poke at Lucas's own failure to understand this fact. Hence the deliberate confusion of distance and time in my post. I thought it was amusing (albeit slightly corny, hence the icon I chose), but I guess a joke's not funny if you need to explain it :)

          I for one don't buy for a second the post hoc explanations about the Kessel Run claim - I think that Lucas just got it wrong.

          1. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

            @Shoot Them Later

            That's OK, I got the joke.

            1. Zett Jukassa

              Fair play sir and please forgive my obvious sense of humour failure! Been a long week :-)

  6. Thomas 18

    How about starwars: the old republic

    I hear that is out 20th Dec :p

    1. eek the geek
      Thumb Up

      This is not the title you're looking for...

      SW:TOR... and with early access Christmas has come early!

  7. David Evans

    I love the XBox360...

    ...and I really do hate myself for my attraction to tat sometimes.

  8. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

    But does the Haynes millennium falcon workshop manual tell you how to change the negative power coupling?

  9. Anonymous John

    These aren't the presents I'm looking for.

  10. Sir Runcible Spoon


    I fucking hate pedants.

    Oh, and wasn't r2d2 owned by annakin and not obi-wan?

    Damn neutrinos, I've a good mind to set Higgs on to them.

    1. LuMan


      "Oh, and wasn't r2d2 owned by annakin and not obi-wan?"

      Technically, no. R2D2 was a lowly Astromech droid in the employ of the Naboo defense force. He (well, 'it') got a commendation for being a brave, plucky so and so, and not getting smashed off the side of a Nubian spaceship like his 3 fellow droids when Amidala's lot tried to get through a Trade Federation blockade. He (it) then managed to blag a cushy number trundling around after Annakin, Obi-wan and all that for a few more films.

      Annakin actually owned the less entertaining C-3PO, which he left behind with his mum. Obviously he was embarrassed by 3PO's existence because he hid behind a black mask and voice-changer for 3 films, so as not be recognised!

    2. Sceptic Tank Silver badge

      No, no, no.

      I distinctly remember Obi-Wan not remembering ever owning any droids.

      "Damn neutrinos, I've a good mind to set Higgs on to them." ... you'll have to FIND it first.

  11. graeme leggett Silver badge

    A long long while ago in a place not that far from where I live now

    My parents got me a Star Wars duvet cover - essentially the original Movie poster rendered on cotton.

    Having spent about 25 years tucked away in a dark drawer at my parents its lasted well enough that its on the bed when my son stays with them.

    He's also inherited (early) my Star Wars figures. If only I'd gotten the AT-AT to go with them - I'd have flogged it on ebay to buy a new computer, or the Lego Death Star.....

  12. Mark 8
    Thumb Down

    Nice Research

    So the Star Wars XBox 360 that was delayed until Q1 next year in August (because of technical difficulties with the Star Wars game) is the ideal crimbo pressie is it...

    Nice work guys, great bit of research there...


    Motercycle Suits beat your stinking poster

    Who wants style with substance over empty slogans?

  14. 0laf


    Flashback to the early 80s and the joy of opening a new Star Wars figure from the blister pack. I still remember the wonderful smell of residual toxic chemicals.

  15. Flat Phillip

    Muppet Figures

    What about the Star Wars action figures, using the muppets?

    Apparently only available at Disney places; which means for me as good as in a galaxy far, far away.

  16. Mike VandeVelde

    "fellow rogue"

    scoundrel, shirley

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