back to article Leaked EU data protection draft SHALL. NOT. PASS.

The first impression of this leaked text is that this version of the Regulation is more prescriptive than Directive 95/46/EC and will get up most data controllers and governmental noses. I think the text makes far too many fundamental changes than can be reasonably done via a "Regulation" (which has three times as many Articles …


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  1. Turtle


    "I cannot see the UK accepting this – and to be honest, I doubt whether it will make progress in its current form!! "

    Pro Tip: Stupid punctuational devices and habits are for commenters' use only; and not writers.


  2. Caff
    Thumb Up

    Great job on the summary, no way I was reading the leak in its full form

  3. Peter Fox

    e-payment privacy?

    Does this or any other toothless law give me the right when making an e-payment, say paying for something with my credit card, to not have that data used for anything else but the facilitation of that single purchase.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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