back to article Early 2012 date for UK Kindle Fire debut

Amazon will release the Kindle Fire over here in the UK during January 2012, it has been claimed. The Android-based Fire went on sale in the US on 15 November for $199 (£127), a price point that has got a lot of folk in the UK eager to get their mitts on one. They won't get it before Christmas, a mole claiming to be close to …


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  1. Markl2011

    Surely any self respecting Register reader who wants one has already got one, haven't they?

  2. dotdavid

    It'll be £199

    Retailers usually just knock off the $ and replace with a £.

  3. disco_stu

    I'm more interested in a Nook Tablet than a Kindle Fire but I guess not much chance of seeing that on these shores.

  4. Richard 120

    Priced as cheaply, yeah, right.

    $199 translates to £219 is my bet.

  5. Mr Brush

    Picked one up while on a US visit last month.

    It's a bit of a shock when it tells you that UK accounts can't access anything (even the free stuff) from the Amazon Market, but GetJar did the job over there until I had a chance to root and sideload the regular market when I got home.

    Fab bit of kit at a great price, I just hope that rip-off britain prices don't apply when it does cross the pond legitimately.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Already bought mine...

    Thank you, Bundlebox

  7. Fuzz


    Check out the price of the 3G kindle keyboard in the US. $189, over here it's £152. By that logic the fire should be around £160

  8. MarkA
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    Don't Bother

    The screen sensitivity is crap. I've had to factory reset it twice and "cold" boot it twice in two weeks. You press the button to turn it on and then go put the kettle on whilst you wait for it to wake up. If you don't wait and press it again it will switch itself off because, well, you pressed twice within one minute so you must mean it.

    It's just very poor in everything it does apart from displaying books. And why go from a months worth of battery to 8 hours, just to read a book.

    Reluctantly, mine went back yesterday and, yes, I went to my final option; the usual fondleslab which, although costing an arm and a leg, does all the things I'd convinced myself I didn't want or need but found myself wishing I had.


  9. Lamont Cranston

    Well played, Amazon.

    There's no way anyone would have bought one of these for Christmas.

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