back to article Opera spruces up email client in 11.60 browser cut

Opera has given one of its best-kept secrets - its email client - a facelift in the latest general release of its browser, available this morning. While work continues on version 12, currently in Alpha condition, the new desktop version reaches 11.60. Included is a new HTML parser Ragnarök, the first update for fifteen years, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Look forward to checking this out

    I quite like the email feature.

  2. Miek
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    Wow, they updated the email client, I might give it another go now.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The best browser just got a whole lot better.

    Excellent stuff. The best browser just got even better. I don't care about marketshare, I care about product quality, performance and features. Opera scores top in all these areas.

    A couple of points behind Chrome in the HTML5Test and ahead in performence stakes on Peaekeeper on my system, Can't wait for Opera 12 that brings hardware acceleration, it will move it out even further into the distance.

    Opera seems much better an managing memory than the other browsers, and it's a "feeble" 10MB download, compared to Chrome thats 40MB demonstrates you CAN have a browser, email, RSS, Usenet, IRC, widgets, unite all in a single app without adding bloat.

  4. Greg J Preece

    Oh no, you mentioned Opera! RUN! RUN FOR THE HILLS!

  5. Jamie Kitson
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    I like the quick config buttons at the top right, and using my screen in portrait I'm glad that you can still have the list above the shown mail. They still haven't amalgamated all the mail settings though, they're still all over the place. I'm glad they've started having latest at the top by default too, hopefully their keyboard shortcuts will finally respect that fact.

  6. Piloti

    Cache and Proxy....

    The only "issue" with Opera is the proxy server they use to deliver web content tothe desk top. It is excellent and lightening fast, but, at work, sat behind my company's firewall, it just does not work......


    1. Anonymous Coward
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      the proxy

      known as Opera Turbo, is disabled by default, and only really intended for slow connections (it compresses images on the fly sending you compressed WebM versions of them).

      Whilst it may not work for you, it's not on by default and works very well for many...

      "To highlight the amazing data compression powers of Opera, we posted a real-time counter on the home page showing how much data we were saving our more than 140 million users around the world. The counter was live from November 2 to December 2. In that month, the total amount of data saved was a massive 7.5 billion megabytes!"

    2. Tim Brown 1

      It's very simple to turn the proxy feature off (I don't use it myself). Press F12, (quick preferences), and just untick Opera Turbo

      1. Grease Monkey Silver badge

        "It's very simple to turn the proxy feature off (I don't use it myself). Press F12, (quick preferences), and just untick Opera Turbo"

        Better yet, don't enable it in the first place.

        What we have here is a user complaining not about the product, but about their inability to use it correctly.

    3. Robert Carnegie Silver badge
      Big Brother

      Deliberate prevention of information services

      If your company let you use Opera's proxy server, they possibly couldn't prevent you using it to look at naughty pictures all day, or something. Although I'm sure, as you say, it does it excellently.

    4. hplasm

      It is also optional-

      You don't need to use it. Opera is still fast!

    5. CD001

      Opera Turbo - it's hardly a show-stopper though is it? It's not like that's the single greatest feature in Opera; out of the box, for general web browsing, it's by far the best browser IMO ... and yet I still use Firefox probably 90+% of the time as there are certain "must have" extensions.

      HTML2Clipboard, Colorzilla and the HTML validator (that runs in the "view source" window rather than just posting the data to have no real equivalents in Opera-land that I'm aware of... other extensions like the Web Developer Toolbar and Bugzilla are pretty much covered by Dragonfly, whilst other extensions like FoxyGestures aren't needed as they're built into the main Opera code (where they started).

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I like the changes I've seen so far, apart from contacts. It looks like they still have a rubbish address book, with no possibility to sync with Gmail contacts* and I find that it gets confused if you have more than one email address per contact.

    *Presumably because there's no Exchange support?

    1. Grease Monkey Silver badge

      Why would you want to sync with gmail contacts? No, wait, surely you don't mean you're using gmail? Perhaps Opera are crediting their users with some sort of intelligence.

  8. Andy The Hat Silver badge

    "The only "issue" with Opera is the proxy server"

    Why not just turn it off?

  9. Steven Pemberton


    They've removed the indicator of whether a mail comes from someone on your contacts list or not. This was the thing I most liked with Opera mail! I could scan through the hundreds of emails I get per day, and in one go see the important ones (from people I regularly correspond with). Ugh ugh ugh.

  10. captain veg Silver badge

    V gesture

    I love Opera, but for Bob's sake when are they going to fix the mouse gestures so gratuitously broken a few releases ago?


    1. Pete 6

      I'm pretty sure they fixed them the release after the "broken" version. I've not had any issues in any recent versions anyway, they work just as well as they always used to.

      1. captain veg Silver badge

        There was a workaround that *improved* matters for *some* users, which got incorporated into the following release. It doesn't work for me, nor a whole bunch of other users. Why they can't just revert to the original, brilliantly functional code is beyond me.


  11. illiad

    Opera is great, fantastic, BUT!!!

    The company producing opera seems to take it as 'only their project'.. as in "this feature is really nice, and I don't care that the users don't want, cannot figure out why *I* think it is great..."

    they also have what used to be a good forum, until they stated banning users for not liking the changes and removal of features!!

    also many websites that Firefox etc have no problem with, do not work fully..

    look at the graph on this inq article..

    do you see the red line?? the above is the main reason, added that Opera seems to not like huge advertising the way mozilla does it...

    1. Grease Monkey Silver badge

      Does that last sentence make any sense at all?

  12. illiad

    test it out... :)

    OK, checkout this URL in your 'other' browser.. and then in Opera 11.52 ('clean install')

    (no I don't want to try the latest yet, I'll save that for later when I want to find out what else they have removed...)

    you may find a major part missing....:P)

    1. captain veg Silver badge

      Is it the adverts?


    2. Grease Monkey Silver badge

      Looks the same to me. So what's your problem?

  13. Grease Monkey Silver badge

    Of course it's their project, they are the ones developing it. It's not a community project you know. However Opera tend to be the only consistently innovative browser developer, everybody else copies their "new" features from Opera and passes them off as their own. So these features that you moan about will probably turn up in FF et al a few months later.

    Since when did Opera ban anybody for using their browser? Not only do they not do it, I can't see how they could.

    I don't have a problem with any websites with Opera, could it be your experiences date back to about 2004?

    As for your graph, you'll notice Opera and Safari have stable market shares and are probably happy with them. Chrome is definitely on the rise and it's rise is at the equal expense of IE and FF. Indeed it looks like FF will never pass IE. If your business model worked last year with x% market share then it should be working this year with the same market share. If your market share is falling then your business plan is in trouble. Don't forget that IE is only a tiny part of Microsoft's business so they probably won't be too upset by their drop in market share. FF OTOH is most of Mozilla's business and if they have dropped about 20% in terms of market share in only a year then they are in trouble. They are doubly in trouble when you consider how much they are bankrolled by Google. How long will it be before Google don't see the point in funding Mozilla to that extent anymore? And if that funding stream dries up how long can you expect Mozilla to last as a market force. Opera will no doubt just keep plodding along with their tiny market share innovating for the rest to copy.

    Remember popularity is not the same thing as quality. If it were IE would not dominate the market and the X Factor Finalists would not be number one in the singles chart.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I see they've still not fixed the bug that prevents use and saving of blank digest authentication passwords then.

  15. martin 17
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    Been using M2 since it came out, it is awesome.

    that's all


  16. illiad

    Grease Monkey..

    you havent been looking.. :)

    'speeddial' started as what looked like a half finished mod, the only way you could get it, was to 'open a new tab'

    The FF speedial has 'groups of speeddials', backup info, dial titles, where and how to activate, full control of size, resolution, colums and rows, etc, etc...

    ALL totally ignored by opera... you would think they would at least complain about FF nicking it....

    there are also many URL manipulation tools by FF addon guys, that opera used to do much better, but they removed many, even leaving behind bits, that do not work properly now, due to the source changing...

    PLEASE try reading properly!!! ok I'll make it clearer for you....

    "they also have what used to be a good FORUM, until they stated banning users FROM THE FORUM for not liking the changes and removal of features!!"

    IT IS NOT MY GRAPH!! it was part of another register article!!

    TRY MY LINK.. also try the movie clips in wiki.. you havent *bothered* have you?? just lazy moaning...

    'stable market share?? that's a bit like nokia saying 'we are happy to be number 3.. um, 4.. :( '

    also, safari is 'going up' .. not stable, then?? you a politician then? trying to make bad news 'good for the country' ???

    The amount of mess that mozilla is in, is due to them changing , renaming version naming, and leaving the add-ons behind.. most are sticking with V4, as it still works, more than I can say for opera..

    Chrome is good for the non paranoid, the addons are getting better..

    1. Rafael L

      Fx doesn't have Speed Dial.

    2. Grease Monkey Silver badge

      You never mentioned the forum. You can't read what's not there. Although by the state of this ranting email I would say that you are one of those people able to read what isn't there. Or rather, able to read what you think should be there.

      Oh and your mention of paranoia is interesting. Parnoia is best defined as "an exagerrated belief in one's own importance". Why would that have any bearing on your browser choice? If, however, by paranoia you mean a persecution complex (often exhibited by paranoid shcizophrenics) then I doubt anybody of that particular caste of mind would trust anything which is mostly funded by Google.

      The mess that Mozilla is in is solely down to the market share increase that Chrome has experienced over the last couple of years. Add the losses made by IE and FF together and you more or less get the gains made by Chrome. All this mucking about with version numbers is what Mozilla have been doing to try to stop the slide. I don't think it will actually do that, but nor do I think it will damage them unduly.

      As I've said before us weird little techie geekboys are a tiny minority of the browser market these days. It's the techies that are complaining about Mozilla's current development policy. Ordinary users who treat their browser just like their TV probably hardly notice the updates. The easy way to spot the difference is that techie geeks know, and indeed care, what firmware version their PVR is running. Ordinary users don't care and don't know. Furthermore they don't even know what firmware is.

      A few months ago I read an article which stated that the browser market was about to become a two horse race. Nope, it's already a one horse race. It's just a matter of time before Chrome takes the lead and fucks off into the distance. The thing is however, that users shouldn't really care. Do you really care where your browser sits in the market? If it works for you does it matter if it only has 1% of the market share? Do you care where your favourite band sits in the charts? Do you really care if they never even made it into the charts? If you do then I'm afraid you need a rewire.

  17. Grease Monkey Silver badge

    I've been using Opera for mail since, well, forever and I don't consider myself to be intrepid. It's certainly much better and easier to use than anything Mozilla or Microsoft have to offer.

  18. illiad

    Rafael L: go here for addons... :)

    you can seasrch for more addons at the top right...

  19. illiad

    Grease Monkey? ritalin chimp?? chatter chatter..

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