back to article MapR cranks out updated Hadoop data muncher

There are a slew of companies that want to be the Red Hat for open source Hadoop data chewing, making money by beefing it up and selling support for the collection of programs. MapR Technologies, which came out of stealth mode in May, has some proprietary extensions to Hadoop, but all of the goodies being added with MapR …


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  1. CyberH


    Great insight Tim. I heard MapR is doing quite a bit in the Hadoop space. One Hadoop alternative worth mentioning is HPCC Systems – a mature platform with its main differentiator being the powerful ECL language programming model. ECL is the native language behind the Thor and Roxie components which provide for data transformation “chewing” and linking with real-time delivery of data queries. An advantage over Hadoop as it requires less nodes and fewer programmers. View more at

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