back to article India asks Facebook and friends to screen content

Indian officials have joined the many governments that are beginning to get edgy about social media and the web, asking internet firms to get rid of content it considers offensive. Reports late on Monday claimed that the government had had meetings with executives from Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft about moderating …


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  1. Inachu

    Oh please!

    You are grown up people adults and who have sensibilities?

    Take a person who is grown up in a sheltered life who knows no wars and deaths VS a boy who grow up around death and dead bodys and who entered military life at the age of 14 and now is 32 and uses the internet to post his ideas on the world would offend the highly protected adult who never thought life could get so ugly.

    Well I say man up those protected wimps to real life. It is those wimps who click the button that they were offended... Awwww poor baby grow a pair and man up! That protected person who is now an adult still h as a mind like a child and their perceptions are not at all in flow with real life. You can not have life without death and to even pretend or moderate such conditions that when a topic has started lets say about a violent video game then I blame the innocent man child who has never witnessed war. Then when the politics gets real and you portray your lifestyle onto others( your sheltered clean life onto others is the right way) then expect to have a violent feedback. These sissy boys old church ladies think some things in life are so clean and pure but the truth is LIFE in the real world is not clean and pure and the sooner they accept that then the better things online can get.

    Go take your sissy protected bird of paradise and shove it up your nose.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    No such thing as the freedom to not be offended!

    That's all I have to say.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "But he emphasised that there were things on the internet that "any normal human being would be offended by""

    ^ Look - there's one now! ^

  4. David 45


    But he emphasised that there were things on the internet that "any normal human being would be offended by".

    We all know that, so don't look at them then! We all have a choice. This is just rampant censorship by another name.

  5. Escape Velocity

    Not censorship.... and if we all hope hard enough we can turn the sun to plaid too. I wish these illiterate Romper Room censors would all just shut the hell up already.

  6. Coen Dijkgraaf

    But he emphasised that there were things on the internet that "any normal human being would be offended by".

    Implying that anyone who isn't offended by the things he finds offensive isn't normal? I find that offensive!

  7. M Gale

    To quote Eminem

    I find you offensive for finding me offensive.

    Now go perform a sexual act on a Satan plushie please, there's a dear.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Offence for political gain

    Not precisely things "any normal human being would be offended by", but India has plenty of form in the 'taking offence' department.

    - World renowned artist M.F. Husain arrested, persecuted (including a price on his head from a group of nutters) and ultimately hounded into exile for a (rather tasteful) line drawing of Indian Goddess Saraswati, modesty preserved by nothing more than a musical instrument.

    - Cadbury's vilified for an advert suggesting it's customers may prefer chocolate to the return of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

    - maps of India that don't show all of Kashmir as part of India are illegal, leading to a ban on at least one well known guide book, making its possession an arrestable offence.

    - Editor of online magazine Tehelka taken to court for publishing nude images by Magnum photographer Raghu Rai. Tehelka was previously virtually hounded out of existence for exposing a corrupt defence minister very, very publicly.

    - Arrest warrants against Richard Gere and actress Shilpa Shetty for a peck on the cheek during a dance routine at an AIDS awareness event - an "obscene act" according to a Rajasthan lawyer who brought charges.

    But the net against offence ought to be cast wide. I've no doubt an image of a rare steak could, with the right political agitation, get the local buses set alight in the Haryana/UP/Gujarat "cow belt" in spite of the fact beef is a popular dish in Kerala and Goa.

    The Indian obsession with 'obscenity' might raise an ironic snigger from anyone who's seen the (distinctly Hindu) erotic temple carvings at Khajurao or Konark. Konark in particular has at least one scene that would fall foul of the 'bestiality' bit of the UK's extreme porn laws, and enough publicly viewable lesbian scenes to keep Daily Fail readers outraged till 2042.

    The vast majority of Indians are robust, relaxed people who don't take offence easily, but the country is awash with demagogues who amass tidy political capital playing communal politics and whipping up a mob frenzy of offence over nothing more substantial than the rumour of an exposed nipple. The one thing most ordinary Indians find genuinely obscene and offensive, namely rampant corruption at every level of government from the Ministry car park attendant to the Minister himself, rarely features as a cause for national outrage championed by those in the "offended classes".

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Internet blasphemy law

    That's what this ammounts to. Control of Internet content based on religious preference. Freedom can go take a running jump by these people, who wish to control their population by the use of religious control.

    ... at least, that's how I read it.

    However ... rather than watching India, I'm now watching these companies and see how much of their morals and the standing of international freedoms, they sacrifice for the sake of the allmighty dollar in India.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ...but denied that the request was censorship

    What else would you call it?

    are you scared of the word?

    It isn't a difficult word to understand, what you are asking for is quite simply "censorship"

    You have to be very careful when you discuss what you consider offensive, I'm sure there are things that almost everyone finds offensive and "child porn" is probably one of them, but the definition of child varies from country to country and it takes a real genius of perversion to decide that a teenage girl who takes pictures of herself is guilty of producing kiddie porn and should spend the rest of their life in jail. I'd personally find that total offensive. But the problem with finding things offensive is that in most case you'll find that there are other people who don't agree with you, and they might well find your views offensive.

    I suspect that most people who read El'Reg would find the idea of censoring the Internet even if we might find some of its content to not be to our taste, or even offensive.

  11. Graham Marsden

    'there were things on the internet that...

    '... "any normal human being would be offended by".'

    You do NOT have the right to not be fucking offended!

    And what the hell gives *YOU* the right to decide who is "normal" and who isn't let alone decide that something should be denied to others because *you* consider it offensive?

    Once again we see someone attempting to sneak through a restriction of freedom of expression based on the idea that "we don't like this, so you are not allowed to see it".

  12. KBeee Bronze badge


    .. of course not!

    When anybody else does it it' censorship, when we do it it's ermmmm.... Social Responsibility?

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    or contains nudity ...

    So you are happy with content that contains violence, but you get all squeamish when you see real people.

    Guess that counts out much of Indian historic culture then.

    The problem with cross border censorship (don't be scared of the word, that is what you are asking for, if you don't like the fact then don't ask for it) is that what you might find offensive might be considered quite healthy in other parts of the world, while things that are considered normal by you may cause others offence.

  14. Malcolm Boura, British Naturism

    UK censors extensively

    "Even in the UK, the government brought in execs from Twitter, Facebook and BlackBerry ..."

    That's a joke, the idea that the UK does not censor. The UK is heavily censored in some areas, they are just a bit more subtle about it than many other countries.

  15. nijam Silver badge

    Can we agree that censorship is the most offensive thing any of us are likely to encounter on the internet?

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    it has nothing to do with nudity

    these scumbags want to censor public opinion directed against themselves.

    link to "Times of India" article below:

    annonymous because there appears to be no limits to how low the present corrupt government can sink to.

  17. Inachu

    Would like to add the following.

    Those that easily become offended are the ones who have the least self control.

    If you had any self control then you would not be looking at it then you would not be offended.

    Instead I offer the logic that jealousy plays a part because they became angry because they can not have what the other person has. Envy jealousy greed are all part of the same coin of sin.

    As a Buddist once said -- ALL IS VANITY. Once you see that and understand that then one can become elightened and avoidance of such indugences will be trivial then you will no longer be offended.

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