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I’d heard about apps and programs that could be used to look up alternatives to premium-rate 08 numbers, but had never really bothered with them before as – apart from my bank – I didn’t really think that I made all that many calls to premium numbers. However, the last bill for my home landline number included a tenner’s worth …


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  1. Simbu

    Why pay...

    When i can use one of several free apps that does the same thing? Or use the saynoto0870 web site.

    Database quality between these apps is probably very similar too.

  2. Vince

    Also you could try...

    By the looks of it you're on t-mobile from the screenshots, so one thing you could also do is add the 08 number booster, £2.13 gives you 30 minutes of calls to the 0845 brigade. Obviously not perfect or as good potentially but takes those calls down to 7p/min give or take and could be worth it if you haven't got an alternative number to hand.

    Vodafone offer something similar, for an additional fee will let you use inclusive minutes for some types of 08 number.

    I don't think Orange, Three or O2 have such an option. Obviously the above isn't perfect but it could help in some cases.

    Seperately though this "rip off line rental" claim - obviously not substanciated but I'm guessing your line rental gives you a generous bundle of minutes and texts, and probably internet access and probably a subsidised phone, so it isn't necessarily such a "rip off" --- unlike landline line rental where for £10-£15 typically you generally get sod all included and have to pay more generally speaking for "inclusive" minutes. Comparatively speaking, mobiles offer better bang for your buck I would argue.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      He *was* talking about his landline when he was talking about the "rip off line rental".

  3. Lloyd


    You could just go to which is what these 2 are based on, it's okay it doesn't use flash so you'll be fine.

  4. Stephen 2

    Be careful of phishing

    While these apps are useful and can save you money, you should be careful about using alternative numbers for your bank. Fake numbers may be inserted which include the same background music, welcoming staff and such like but it could all be a ruse to phish details from you.

    I use since they're very reputable and verify numbers.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    This website has the definitive list - add the most common called number mappings to your Contacts for free

    1. tmTM


      Why the need for an app when you can just bookmark the website, very easy to use and it often gives a long list of landline numbers - you can often choose a callcentre nearest you to hear a more 'local voice'

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why an app?

    So why isn't this just a website that everyone can view from any phone?

    (Perhaps just add some jQueryMobile onto the ad supported

  7. tirk

    @Stephen 2

    "Welcoming staff "? That should be a dead giveaway for a start!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    theres a free app called 0800 Wizard ..that only does 0800 numbers though, it has worked everytime for me, saynoto0870 also have an app.

  9. Colin Miller

    0800 buster offers free access to 0800/0808/0500 numbers if they aren't part of your call plan. Just call 01241 22 0800 and the number you want.

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