back to article Xen hypervisor ported to ARM chips

The Mobile Virtual Platform (MVP) hypervisor that VMware sells for smartphones and fondleslabs running the Android variant of Linux on ARM RISC processors is getting some competition. Intrepid techies are working away on two different implementations of the open source Xen hypervisor for ARM chips, and another group is putting …


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  1. Mikel

    Sometimes you crest the hill

    Sometimes you crest the hill and a new vista opens up, verdant fields stretching to far horizons. That's what I felt like when I read this fine article.

  2. K. Adams

    Hello, Marvell...?

    This is Intel...

    Remember all that XScale IP we sold you a while back? Well, ARM's starting to make inroads in the server market, and we were, um, wondering, uh, if you could, you know, let us have it back? Before we become, uh, irrelevant?

  3. Unlimited

    ARM Holdings, the company behind the ARM architecture

    Thanks for that. No one could possibly have figured it out if you just referred to the company as ARM.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If the operating system is no longer "operating the system"...

    ... but the hypervisor is doing it, isn't it about time it was given a new name? A Process Manager maybe?

    I have wondered why Unix OS's get virtualised - haven't the sysadmins ever heard of chroot and LD_LIBRARY_PATH? All the hypervisor and the extra copy(s) of the OS are doing is sucking up CPU cycles that then can't be used by running processes. If you need to run 10 processes run them in the same OS instance, its not rocket science. I realise Windows is a toy OS and doesn't have anything equivalent to chroot but for Linux , BSD etc, there is no good reason to use a hypervisor·

    1. Slackness
      Paris Hilton


      We have all got to stick to the one fits all model. ;-)

      I have always considered Linux / UNIX VM Clients being equal partners in a shitty time-share scam. Scale of economy my arse!

      Paris, as she shares her herp's evenly amongst all subscribing members, no matter how they try to hog her attention.

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