back to article Red Hat's sales architect exits on Linux high

While his name won't be familiar to most, Alex Pinchev has been one of the primary architects of Red Hat's stunning, consistent growth over the past decade as its head of global sales. At a company that values engineers as highly as Red Hat does, Pinchev still commands profound respect, not to mention fear, despite not being …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    "Running a search on Red Hat's partner locator site, and matching it with companies that I've seen at Red Hat's partner events, suggests a few possibilities, including Bacula Systems and Zmanda, with the latter more likely. Zmanda is both bigger than Bacula and also represents a well-worn path for ex-Red Hat executives."

    Or, we could wait for him to announce it on his blog or for the company to issue a press release. But no let's stick to plan A and work ourselves up into a fever of pointless excitement - yay, way to go.

    In short, if you've nothing to say, say nothing

  2. Matt Asay

    Delayed post...!%!%!%

    I originally wrote this post before the news broke that Alex joined Acronis. So...please disregard the speculation about Zmanda. The rest is true, however: Alex was phenomenal for Red Hat, though he broke a few backs in the process, probably including his own. :-)

    However, in talking with Red Hat insiders, one other thing comes through: Alex, while a tough taskmaster, is also a very ethical, above-board guy. He didn't cut corners to get sales done, which is very refreshing, and very much in keeping with the Red Hat ethos.

  3. TrevorH

  4. scientific_linux_01

    Private companies

    Well sometimes private companies are good for a change, however you always find yourself back at a big mega corp again.

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