back to article Sage warns of bumpy ride ahead

Unstoppable accountancy software juggernaut Sage kept its foot on the gas in fiscal 2011 to record decent top- and bottom-line gains but warned of some danger signs on the road ahead. The firm made £331m pre-tax profits, up 11 per cent on sales of £1.33bn, a rise of 4 per cent for the year ended 30 September. In Europe sales …


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  1. All names Taken


    How could Sage make such an observation?

    Do they have access to information we cannot see and intellect to perform a deep analysis on the same?

    [cuts to blackadder scene]

    Ah hello Blackadder. What ho and spiffing no (guffaw guffaw)

    Yes sire, whatever you will my liege.

    This money thing. You know we are very lucky Mr Bee

    How so sire?

    Well, just thing of the mess we would be in if we did not pay our finance chums quite as much as we do.

    Then or masters of industry and commerce. Just think of the mess there were we not employing the best of the best.

    Ahhh Sire!

    Hush now. And our honourable shire officers and officials. Just think of the right old mess of it if we paid lower wages there.

    No Mr Bee. I have always said: pay peanuts, employ monkeys. Thank goodness we pay top dollar and get the best. We might have been in a right old mess like China, Brazil or ...

    Russia sire? Would sire wish to look at my remuneration package now or later?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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