back to article Woman cuffed by phone-hack probe plods

Scotland Yard arrested a 31-year-old woman just before dawn today on suspicion of conspiring to intercept voicemail messages. The Met said the unnamed woman was currently being held in custody at a police station in Northumbria. "Officers from Operation Weeting have this morning, Wednesday, 30 November, arrested a woman in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    06:35 is not early!

    3am or 4 am is 'early hours'.

    For some this may be just about bed time.

    For some of our criminal bros it may be 'just of to work time'.

    For some of our city type crims it may also be 'lust off to work time'

    Only for a small minority and the Police is it 'early hours'!

    1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: 06:35 is not early!

      Is it before the pub opens? It's early hours.

      (Ok, point taken)

    2. Rob 30

      pfft, i've always considered 9am to be far too early to be at work, so yes, 6:30 am is ridiculously early.

      3 or 4 am is the middle of the night.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A Dangerous armed criminal and serious flight risk, obviously!

    Whilst dawn raids help bump up the overtime for xmas, which part of the risk profile warranted this approach?

    send A police officer around to the place of work mid-morning, and arrest them there, this also then acts as a deterent to any colleagues who maybe thinking of committing such acts themselves. (and no-overtime)

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