back to article HP storage biz ready for battle again

It's HP Discover in Vienna. Florence and the Machine's You've Got the Love is blasting out as the key-note session hall fills up with around 7,000 people. HP is bursting with energy and the message is: HP is back. This was echoed by Meg Whitman, who was in Vienna too. She acknowledged that things had been hard, saying: "All of …


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  1. DrDedupe

    Where is the old HP innovation?

    StoreOnce is a crown jewel of HP's storage lineup? Lets see, its a very fast VTL with dedupe - just like EMC's, Dell's, Sepaton's and just about every other VTL. Remember - "World's Fastest" is a fleeting term in this industry. But wait - they've also integrated dedupe into HP Data Protector - just like Avamar, Legato, Commvault and a host of others. Ho-hum. Finally, there is the HP idea of integrating dedupe across all storage tiers. Let me be the first to point out to Ms Whitman and Mr Scott that an idea is not a product.

    I'd like to think that HP is on the forefront as they claim but the facts speak otherwise.

    Larry Freeman aka DrDedupe

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