back to article Google rejigs search bar (again)

Google is scrapping its short-lived black search navigation bar in favour of a new design that falls into line with the company's increasingly uniformed social network platform brand. It's no longer satisfactory enough for Google to let visitors to its search engine simply pull up results based on queries those individuals …


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  1. Andy Fletcher

    Fixed forever

    Larry: "That black toolbar isn't very popular - what can we do?"

    Developer: "No problem, we changed the colour to white"

    1. Gary B.

      And "we also made everything one menu deeper to slow down those pesky users"

    2. ravenviz Silver badge

      Larry: "Isn't the colour white patented by Apple?"

      1. David 164


        But Apple are to frighten of us to take us and our lawyers on directly so we will not hear any complaints from them

    3. TheRealRoland

      Increasingly uninformed?

      Guess i wasn't awake yet.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This pisses me off

    I'm not on Google+, don't have a profile and certainly don't want to be logged in to do search.

    But this just goes down that road more and more, now get boxes telling me to login so I can "share" things.

    Bring back the search box and a submit button and get rid of all this useless Javascript and social crap.

    I'm fed up. Changing to something else.

    1. Florence
      Paris Hilton


      Nothing is stopping you from using your browser's search box/search from URL bar. Or have they removed that functionality in Chrome?

      I've set up Opera to use Scroogle (anonymising Google front end) as the default search engine from the search box, but sometimes I also use DuckDuckGo - another search engine that doesn't track your history, and doesn't keep you in a bubble. See

      Most browsers make it fairly easy to add/remove search engines, and change the default one.

      Obviously Google and FB etc are doing all they can to get more data about you, but I also expect to see more demand for what you get from the likes of the above: neutral results.

      Paris... illustrating my own confusion as I read your post

      1. kellerr13

        Not reasonable

        The browser search bars are not a reasonable option.

    2. Craigness

      not logged in

      Currently you can search without being logged in, and not be prompted to share stuff.

      Why do you think they'll change that? This is only the bar at the top of the screen; I very much doubt they'll get rid of the search box on the homepage.

    3. DJ Smiley
      Thumb Down


      Go to

      type in search term

      hit enter

      TADA! Results... no logins required.

  3. TeamEvil
    Thumb Down

    I liked the black bar. Looks like another shitty contrast colour scheme coming in, just like the horrific gmail theme.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    <<removal of that bar will signal that Google's mourning period, following the death of so many of its products, is over>>, ehehehehe good one.

    google search has become quite annoying in the last year. I don't like the increased activity in the results page, it's distracting. I would gladly use another search engine but none are comparable to google - I simply don't find stuff with Bing or Yahoo. I remember that at the beginning Google was proud to promote the simplest possible search interface, this has slipped a lot.

    1. Tim Bates

      Don't worry

      Google's currently trying their hardest to make their search results as crap and irrelevant as Bing, so it won't be too hard to switch over soon.

      Why can't Google just go back to being good at searches?

  5. Sean 10

    Anyone else reminded of browser bars? You know, the great bane of my existence and probably the reason I loved Chrome in the beginning..?

    Anyone? Bueller?

  6. StickyBit
    Thumb Down

    Why oh Why?

    On November thirtieth ,one would have thought that St. Andrews Day would have been more relevant than Mark Twain's 176th birthday.


    1. David 164

      What is this st Andrew day you talk about.

      Probably some tradition from a backward looking country but cant be brothered to google it.

  7. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Well said

      I'm tired of getting pushed to Bing, in the hopes it'll actually have results.

      Beer for you, Symon...

    2. <user />

      You've got to win some kind of award for the prolific use of "fucking" in one sentence.

  8. Ian Ferguson

    Search bar? Eh?

    I didn't realise those still existed. What else is the browser bar for? I thought they all recognised search terms as well as typed URLs now.

  9. Shades

    Opposite applies at the minute...

    Today an additional blue bar has appeared, directly below the black one, declaring "Click here to start sharing on Google+"

    I'm thinking its time to begin investigating the Grease Monkey Firefox addon again to see if that can do anything to "restore" the search page to its once clutter free design. OptomizeGoogle can't seem to keep up with Googles constant changes (Google actively appears to be trying to circumvent OptomizeGoogles circumventions... causing a little battle of wills between OptomizeGoogle removing stuff and Googles scripts adding them back while the page constantly refreshes!)

  10. JDX Gold badge

    It annoys me that I'm automatically logged into Youtube by Google. I use g-apps for business and I don't particularly want my work email linked to all the random youtube videos I watch.

  11. Not Elvis


    I'm just not hip or current enough.. but why the *uck is this even news? Yes, it will indeed change my life, as will the fact that the weather turned a little cooler here today.

    Nothing like a free press release for the boys driving the Hershey Highway to the chocolate factory... yay!!!! Made my day.

    1. Craigness

      It's a change to a popular product

      therefore news. It's a lame story but compared with the guff that gets written about every iphone rumour, it's really quite important.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Google on the internet machine

    What's a google search bar?

  13. Craigness

    What I'd like... to be able to pick which products appear in the bar, and for them to be the same wherever I go in Googleland. I don't need a search bar in a webpage just underneath the one in the browser, but being able to go from Gmail to Docs in a single click would be nice.

    1. DJ Smiley








      List of links on my google page, to other pages.... lets see... oh the first one is gmail you asked for that.... calendar, very nice... oh look documents, you asked for that too.... wow those guys in that place must be psychic....

      Or its been there all along but people appear to be blind.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another option

    Maybe they will add a FUCK OFF button.

  15. kellerr13

    Browser / Search

    I still use IE6 because I hat the stupid browser changes also. The newer browsers all have the search bar (of their choice) along the top, and the STOP button and HOME button are on the opposite side of where I want it, and it's not well thought out.

    1. Tim Bates

      At least most of the non-IE browsers have ways to make them more to your liking.

      I personally don't understand WTF both Firefox and IE had to copy Chrome's look - surely the people who wanted Chrome would be running it already, right?

  16. Mediocrates


    nuff sed

  17. Craigness

    Bad article

    This video does a better job of explaining the changes, and they look pretty cool. It's not a rejigged bar; the old bar's gone and the bit below has become the bar.

  18. Rocket

    know what i miss?

    I miss the little loading thing.

    Google now loads stuff in the background and you'll never know if the connections halted or someone tripped over the wireless or switched on the microwave or stood a brew on the server or ...

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