back to article James Bond savages the Kardashians

James Bond thesp Daniel Craig has savaged the highly talented and decorative Kardashian clan, branding the Kardashians "fu*king idiots". daniel_craig 'Stay away from my fu*king wedding' While giving forth on the matter of privacy in an interview for GQ Magazine, Craig began: "It's not about being afraid to be public with …


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  1. Ben Holmes
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    H E R O

    That is all.

    1. Error Message Silver badge

      He forgot...

      To comment on how talented the Kardashians are. NOT!

    2. Ian Michael Gumby

      Nope there's more!

      Oh sure, you're el Reg, a Brit rag. So of course you think of Daniel Craig only in terms of James Bond.

      (Ok, so we can have a thread about DC vs SC as to who was the better Bond.)

      But there's more to DC than Bond.

      Sorry but I'm really looking forward to his upcoming film, the remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'.

      No offense to Bond fans, (I'm one too), but there's more to this man than just Bond.

      And yeah, he's a fscking class act too!

      1. big_D Silver badge

        It'll have to be darned good...

        The originals of the Millenium Trilogy are very well done and very gritty.

        I don't think that he has enough stomach to play "Kalle F*cking Blomqvist". The German language audio books were also excellent. I hope they don't ruin the remake.

      2. br0die

        Erm, Roger Moore thankyouverymuch.

        Cold, calculating, dry and highly womanising, he did the role perfectly.

        SC looks too friendly, and is a bit too Scottish for the role. Evident by how many Moore films there were, compared to how many Connery.

      3. PatientOne

        They're remaking The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo already? I didn't think it had been out that long...

        As to the best bond... best not start that argument :p It'll be worse than who is the best Doctor...

        1. This post has been deleted by its author

      4. Ian Yates

        It really annoys me that American/British audiences always want remakes of good foreign films.

        "Let Me In" (or whatever it called) was a cinematic abomination in that it was almost a scene-for-scene remake.

        If people are really so scared of subtitles, dub the damned thing! The original is an amazing piece of work that didn't deserve to be sidelined like that.

        At least The Ring added it's own twist, even if its idea of suspense was a hammer in your eye.

        /need beer

        1. br0die


          Do not dub either. Look how awful Trollhunter became after they dubbed that.

          Also, do you refer to "Let the Right One In"? I did not realise they Hollywood'ed that one.

          It is true though, all these foreign films I know and love (see: The Experiment, an awesome German movie mimicking the Stanford Prison experiment) are being remade in Hollywood. It is such a shame, because they often do not live up to the original, and all this because people are unwilling to read subs.

          1. Magnus_Pym

            It's not audiences that want English language versions...

            The studios must produce 'x' number of films a year or stand idle, losing money. They will remake, rehash, sequelize, prequelize, extend and ultimately destroy any story just to get 'product' in front of the public. Oh yes, and they don't like taking chances. So of course anything that looks like a safe bet will be made.

            Don't confuse what the public want with what the public get.

    3. Michael H.F. Wilkinson


      I especially loved the down to earth: "I'm not judging it – well, I am obviously."


  2. Citizen Kaned

    fair play to him....

    i like what he said. seems fair enough!

    lucky git - rachel weisz is a cutey! :)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      fair play to her

      the lucky bitch, he's a cutie!

  3. Annihilator

    Love it

    Not only DC's comments, but the descriptive phrase of "the highly talented and decorative Kardashian clan"

    On a side-note, didn't realise he was with Rachel Weisz. Lucky barsteward. I'm sure there are many who think lucky bee-hatch on her behalf too. And those that think neither.

    1. James Micallef Silver badge

      "And those that think neither."

      or both

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Who/What are the "Kardashian clan"

      I've been asleep for a while.... Who are these people? The last Kardashian clan I heard of were on StarTrek.

      1. pepper

        South Park

        They got killed in South Park, thats all I know about them. I presume they are some sort of clan of britney spears people or something.

      2. Rob Dobs

        OK i'll bite

        Probably a joke, since you'd have to live under a rock to not see them on the daily news in the U.S., but here goes:

        Kardashian Senior (the genetic father of the clan) was an accomplished trial lawyer, who's main claim to any fame was being one of the three lawyers who (successfully) defended OJ Simpson from a murder charge (of Nicole Brown Simpson, even though retarded monkeys could have confirmed that he did indeed kill her).

        Ms. Kardashian (the mother) divorced her lawyer husband (but not his money) some long time ago, and is now married/hooked up with Bruce Jenner (a pretty famous US Olympic Gold Medalist)

        Kim Kardashian (oldest daughter?) was briefly friends with (or at least photographed hanging out with) Paris Hilton (whom released a sex tape) and Kim (who does have a big luscious ass) proceeded to let her boyfriend at the time (failed rapper Ray Jay) film her in a pretty explicit sex tape. (The reason I say living under a rock, because about any hetro male on the internet has seen or downloaded that video or clips of it by now)

        The lawyer father has sinced passed away... (though I think it was after his daughter disgraced his family name with said tape)

        It was the leaked sex tape (combined with small degree the notoriety of the father and step father) that allowed the family to get their own reality TV show on the E network called "Keeping up with the Kardashians" (which like a war seems like it has gone on forever with unending casualties... but probably more like 4 years).

        Kim's younger sisters Courtney (cuter than Kim really) and Chole (built like and tends to date NBA players) also got their own spin off show (called something like "two whores move to Miami"

        Both have dated more than their fair share of pro-athletes (mostly US NBA players) Here they are trying to build out their empire by selling overpriced shit at a stupid store they started.

        Their younger brother Rob, was recently runner-up to the winner (A US war Vet) on the TV show "Dancing with the stars" (or their family members). (BTW that's the winner of DWTS that was the war vet, not Rob, whom probably never worked a honest day in life)

        There are also two even younger girls, whom I believe Bruce Jenner is the genetic father to.

        (As the show progresses on you can just see what horrible drug addicted stripper lives they are most likely in store for)

        That about sums it up

        Short version: Kim Kardashian made a porno with her then boyfriend and her publicist mom leveraged the debacle into a media whore-dom career for the whole family.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Wow Rob!

          If I were king of Wikipedia that would be their article. No edits allowed!


        2. Grivas Bo Diddly Harm

          @Rob Dobs - Will You Accept a Reverse Charge Call From Under a Rock?

          I'm indebted to you for a comprehensive round-up of what sounds like a pretty ghastly troupe of people - I'm so glad I've genuinely never heard of them before (although the OJ lawyer reference rings a vague bell, I suppose) and hope to never again, although I fear I will be seeing their names all the time now. That's the way it goes.

          Must dash - off to browse the latest copy of The Chap magazine now. Fascinating article on how to keep the perfect crease in the trouser leg while travelling on 'public transport'.

        3. Zack Mollusc

          Thank you

          Out of that very informative post, I have heard of OJ Simpson (the comedy actor), Bruce Jenner (plastic surgery enthusiast) and Paris (wonky-eyed slag). I have heard the name Kardashian bandied about, but not known until now who the hell they were. Maybe I am using the internets wrong, or maybe I am just too old.

          1. MacGyver

            Zack, you got that the wrong way round.

            It should be "OJ Simpson (plastic surgery enthusiast), Bruce Jenner (the comedy actor)"

            And by "plastic surgery enthusiast" I mean "ex-wife decapitator". That is all he should ever get to be remembered for.

        4. Homer 1
          IT Angle

          Who/What is the "U.S."?

          "Probably a joke, since you'd have to live under a rock to not see them on the daily news in the U.S."

          Sorry mate, but my telly aerial's reception doesn't quite reach all the way across the Atlantic.

          Not that I'd watch US news, or ANY news, anyway, even if it did. El Reg serves pretty much the only type of news that holds the slightest interest for me. In fact about the only thing I use my telly for these days is playing console games and watching DivX down..., erm, legally-purchased DVDs.

          I'm with the bloke who thought Kardashians were Star Trek characters. Seriously.

          1. phuzz Silver badge
            Paris Hilton

            Looks like we're fortunate on this side of the atlantic because all I knew about them was they had a tv show. Thanks for educating those of us who live under rocks.

            Paris, because she was mentioned, that is all.

        5. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Excellent Summary

          Excellent summary.

          Now I've recently started watching a UK soap called "Coronation Street". I missed the beginning, can you summerise the plot so far?

          1. Homer 1

            Coronation Street summary

            Here's the 7,749 episode summary:

            Waaaaah, wa, wa, wa-wa-waaaah,

            Waaaaah, wa, wa, wa-wa-waaaah,

            Waaaah, wa, wa, waaaah,

            Wah, wa-waaaah,

            Wah, wa-wa-waaaah.

            Lass: Aye-up chuck, fancy a paaaint?

            Bloke: Nay lass, a've t'put me 'air in cerlers b'fore footy staats.

            Lass: Wotcha doin' wi' cerlers in yer 'air, ye daft lump?

            Bloke: It's them blody 'ooligans again, the' nicked me crimpers.

            Lass: Ah raight! Ah thou't ye was lookin' a bit limp.


            Waaaaah, wa, wa, wa-wa-waaaah.

            Waaaaah, wa, wa, wa-wa-waaaah.

            Waaaah, wa, wa, waaaah.

            Wah, wa-waaaah.

            Wah, wa-wa-waaaah.

        6. John70


          I've heard of the name Kardashian being branded about but didn't know the story.

          Everytime I heard the name I keep thinking of Cardassians.

          Thanks Rob for telling us the story.

          Now we know Kim made a porn tape, got onto the internet and now their mother is pimping them out for "reality" T.V.

        7. JimmyPage
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          Did anyone else hear

          the theme tune to "Soap"[1] playing, while reading that ? I was expecting it to finish with "Confused ? You will be after this weeks episode ...."

          [1]anyone under 40, ask your parents.

        8. Ian Stephenson
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          @Rob Dobbs

          You sir, are a god amongst commentards.

          I look forward to the upvotes on your post passing my personal best as it most definitely deserves it.

        9. Kane

          I approve...

          ...of this post.

          (btw, you owe me a new keyboard sir).

        10. david wilson

          >>"(The reason I say living under a rock, because about any hetro male on the internet has seen or downloaded that video or clips of it by now)"

          Well, I'd bet that the vast majority of the straight males I know wouldn't have watched or downloaded the clip.

          I'd guess that the general feeling would be that 'accidentally released self-made porn' from would-be celebrities is likely to be even less genuinely acted than stereotyped "Hi madam I'm your plumber/Whoops all my clothes have fallen off" stuff.

          1. Rob Dobs

            but shes is hot

            acted or not, shes a pretty hot tart, and that's also I guess is the reason for a lot of their fame.

            I am ashamed to admit that I have seen several episodes of said show, and thus am partly responsible for their fame in some small way, hence the ability to summarize..

            I was really hoping for some corrections.... surely I got something wrong?....

            and meant no offense by "under a rock" note I said "if you live in US" they quite literally can be on the evening news here almost every night (thankfully not a world wide pandemic).

            Oh and for JimmyPage (commenter above not the Guitarist - though he's welcome to read as well)

            Kim recently married another NBA (thats basketball) star (or pro player anyways), and they had a huge multi-hour TV special just for the event.

            They received millions of dollars in wedding gifts.....

            Then unexpectedly (at least to those that gave said gifts) they divorced after only being married for 2 months.

            And I forgot to mention that Courtney had a baby with the most pretentious spoiled arse on either side of the Atlantic who drinks too much and gets violent.

            "Confused ? You won't be after this weeks episode ...."

      3. Francis Boyle Silver badge

        These ones

        are less ambitious - they've only taken over one planet. Time to join the Marquis.

  4. Him over there

    Craig has gone up in my estimation, fair play to him.

  5. Code Monkey


    I'm not really sure who the Kardashians are. They're in the news a lot but I've no idea why.

    007's spot on though (as far as celebutard culture goes in general) and kudos for turning down the wedding photo money.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      RE: Kardashians

      I've seen Kim Kardashian before - someone sent me a picture of her flaunting her shaven haven from Playboy magazine....

    2. LateNightLarry
      Paris Hilton


      They're kind of like Paris Hilton... famous for being famous, or is that notorious. They might have some small amount of talent, but that's not what keeps them in the news... Kim is the latest one to garner headlines, with a million dollar wedding, followed by her filing for divorce 72 days later.

      Paris, because they're two or three or four of a kind.

    3. MacGyver
      Paris Hilton

      Never seen any show with them really in it.

      But if the skits they do on Saturday Night Live about them is any indication, they are annoying sounding ignorant wastes of space and the "Kim" one is their leader. Oh, and one or all have rather large derrières.

  6. Mad Mike
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    Just as James Bond would have said.

    Danial Craig as James Bond forever. I think that's exactly what the fictional character would have said. A Hollywood star with some brains for a change. Daniel Craig is the first Hollywood star I can think of to state the bleeding obvious. Not only does he have the right view, but in another first, a Hollywood star lives by his own mantra. Can't ask for more.

    As for Rachel at a pinch, but I can think of better. Always thought she was missing some flesh in one or two areas.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Rachel Weisz

      "at a pinch, but I can think of better"

      'sfunny. She said the same about you ;)

  7. Stevie


    Fuck me.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Tell it like it is :D

  9. Sir Runcible Spoon


    Craig Charles FTW....what? oh..umm..

    Seriously, fair play to the guy. I'd rather be rich than famous any day, but then I think I'm a f*cking Alien.

  10. Zippy the Pinhead

    "the highly talented and decorative Kardashian clan"

    HAHAHA.. Talent.. seriously... that clan has no talent other than being self-gratifying media whores... That's just my opinion of course!

    1. Sean Baggaley 1

      Be fair!

      Self publicity and attracting money count as talents, surely?

      I wouldn't mind being a bit better at the latter myself.

  11. MJI Silver badge

    Who are the Karwhatevers?

    Hear them mentioned like they are supposed to be well known.

    I have no idea.

    1. Cazzo Enorme

      Not sure myself, but judging by the occasional flick through a freebie London newspaper that's scattered across the train every morning, they appear to be a bunch of female siblings who f*ck other "highly talented" celebs.

    2. Robert E A Harvey

      I just had to google them myself.

      I am dissapointed. I had hoped they would turn out to be Lizard people from the Alpha quadrant.

      It turned out they are rich tosspots. Mr Bond has called Tosspots tosspots, so all power to him, but apart from that /Yawn/.

      1. Homer 1

        Lizard people from the Alpha quadrant?

        Oh come on! Everybody knows the Lizard people are from the DELTA quadrant, and it's sheer heresy to suggest otherwise.


  12. banjomike
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    Well said, Daniel.

    Nicely phrased and completely correct.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I didn't know what a Kardashian was, although I thought it sounded like some alien race from Star Trek.

    I've looked it up now and it turns out I was right. At least about the alien race bit.

    1. 404

      The Difference being....

      The Cardassians from DS9 wore less makeup....


  14. thomas k.

    to be fair ...

    He didn't actually call them f*cking idiots.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      if you want to get technical - the article doesn't say that he did "call" them that :)

      It says he "branded them" f*cking idiots

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        It would be pretty cool to watch Daniel Craig branding the Kardashians.....

        Could even get at least one season of reality TV out of it, and I for one would watch - if only for the screams.

      2. Field Marshal Von Krakenfart

        "It says he "branded them" f*cking idiots"

        That sounds about right, brand them with a red hot iron, that's what you do to cows.

  15. Eponymous Cowherd

    He's starting to sound like Connery.....

    He was talking about the Star Trek reptilloid bad guys, wasn't he?

  16. Mark Fenton

    Mr Craig...

    Top dood.


  17. Your Handle, my Handle, it's all good


    I honestly have no idea who they are - I though DC was ranting on about Star Trek!

    I'll get me' coat, as I'm obviousley out of touch these days!

  18. Alfie

    Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz - can you imagine how attractive their kids are going to be? Is this the start of some sort of master race?

    Good on him for his comments and actions (including ensnaring the decorative Ms Weisz). Dont understand why kids just want to be 'famous' these days, it is a double edged sword. And the Levenson Inquiry is showing just how bad it can get.

    1. david wilson


      >>"Dont understand why kids just want to be 'famous' these days, it is a double edged sword."

      a) They're young.

      b) From what I've seen of the famous-for-fuck-all, they're not generally likely to prosper by relying on their intellect.

      1. Ian Michael Gumby

        @ David Wilson

        "b) From what I've seen of the famous-for-fuck-all, they're not generally likely to prosper by relying on their intellect."

        Uhm they seem to be laughing all the way to the bank by cashing in on their celebutard status.

        BTW, you want to blame someone, blame the cable companies for creating 500 channels of cable tv. These reality tv characters exist to fill empty space.

        Blame idiots like my wife, whom I love dearly, who watch their crap.

        (Although we're working through an intervention and have deprogrammed her to now watch Adult Swim)

        1. david wilson

          >>"Uhm they seem to be laughing all the way to the bank by cashing in on their celebutard status."

          Indeed, but my comment still stands that many seem unlikely to have much chance of getting rich any /other/ way than prostituting their privacy.

          After all, I /was/ simply answering the question of 'why do some kids choose to do this?.

    2. Alfred

      The beauty of genetics

      In the same way that idiots can produce a genius, and people who can't rub their faces without poking themselves in the eyes can produce a piano virtuoso, it's just possible that attractive people can produce a right swamp donkey. God, I hope so :)

  19. nemo20000

    Entirely the wrong angle

    From the headline I thought “why is Sean Connery whinging about Star Trek?”.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Thoshe peshky borgsh again!

  20. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Though you have to ask ...

    Who's the bigger idiot, the one who puts their life on TV or the one who watches it?

  21. Magnus_Pym

    I find it difficult...

    ... to disagree with his analysis.

  22. NoneSuch Silver badge
    IT Angle

    Gotta love someone...

    ...who tells it like it is and has Rachel Weisz as a wife.

    Well done you.

  23. Neil B

    There was a luscious pic of Rachel Weisz in this month's Empire. Lucky bastard!

    And on-topic: approve!

  24. This post has been deleted by its author

  25. geekclick


    Someone buy that Daniel Craig one, or preferably several, or as many as he can physically drink!

    Its about time someone from that walk of life said something sensible!

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Craig is a dimwit but I can't argue with this.

  27. Jamie Kitson


    Weren't they a race on star trek?

    1. The Fuzzy Wotnot

      Well they are both huge flipping, freaking, freako, freakzoids from planets other than Earth!

  28. asdf

    merkin culture

    When more of your people recognize Snooky and the Kardashians than their elected officials you are officially f__ked. The TMZ rot of America continues.

    1. Armando 123


      You do realize that Big Brother, I'm a Celebrity, Survivor, etc, were British creations that were shipped over here and started this whole mess?

      1. Law

        Not that I watch this crap, but even I know Big Brother wasn't a British creation... think it was spawned in the Netherlands..

        The point about merkin's recognising celebs more than politicians further up... I'm guessing that goes for any country... keeping with the Big Brother theme, I'm guessing more people recognise Jade Goody than Nick Clegg. :(

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          @ Law

          I'm afraid I have to take exception to this - all decomposing corpses look the same to me.

        2. LateNightLarry


          Maybe the fact that many "Merkin's" don't recognize their politicians is because most of the political types, especially the Congress critters, are going out of their way to avoid having to consort with their constituents... This summer when our Congress critters took their annual six week vacation, many of them, especially the RepubliCONS and tea part troglodytes took pains to be anywhere except their field offices, and held no "town meetings" where their constituents could meet and talk with them... some of the few that did have "town meetings" carefully screened those allowed into the room to ensure they didn't have to listen to those who held a different opinion on certain touchy subjects, like jobs, tax cuts for the wealthy, cuts for Medicare, etc... That's part of why Congress has only a 9% approval rating, way lower than even President Obama.

          Beer, since El Reg won't let me enjoy a glass or ten of decent wine... mass quantities of beer, mind you.

      2. Jos

        Not English

        I knew both the creators of Endemol (Joop van den Ende, and John de Mol) personally (when I still lived in the Netherlands, and they were really great guys with an even better bussiness sense, but I still curse the for creating big brother, and all the shows that spawned off them.

        Luckily I escaped to Japan so I "missed" the entire first episode in NL. Not that I enjoyed the silly slapstick of Japanese TV that much, but I prefer to stuff a cactus up my rear-end to watching these faux "reality" shows.

        Last stint in the US the Karblablikans took precedence over the "situation" in Libya, and so did college "football" over the worldcup Rugby (hell, at least I won the sweepstakes with New-Zealand behind my name... That would be the island south-east of Australia, and an actual tough sport with non-padded men for you middle-earthers)


    2. cyborg

      Democratic political culture is no different to celebrity culture

      When selecting a candidate the average voter:

      a) Goes with the person they know exists

      b) Goes with the person with the right coloured Rosette

      c) Makes a thoughtful rational analysis as to which candidate will best repesent their interests

      Democratic elections and talentless celebrities both repesent popularity contests - there should be no surprise when these domains overlap.

  29. Turtle

    Truer words . . .

    "James Bond thesp Daniel Craig has savaged the highly talented and decorative Kardashian clan, branding the celebutard minx pack "fu*king idiots".

    Truer words were never spoken.

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Danel Carg your just jeluos becuase Kim and her sisters are richer and beatifuul then you. Defiantly you wish you had there look and money. If they read your so called intervew they will just be ROFL so dont thing you have made them angry as your to much a looser to hurt there feeling. anywa you're face is all dried up like a Californa rassin, har har. I bet you wish you're wif had beautful p;lup silcon breats like Kim. Also, Justin Biber should be the nxts Jams Bnod.

    (I'm forwarding this post on behalf of the Kardashian Fan Club, as they wished to express an opinion contrary to the general tenor of the remarks posted above.)

    1. HiGene

      Not convincing

      Too much punctyooashun

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Takes an IQ above 70 to decipher the crud you wrote....

      1. Fatman


        And, it took an IQ of less than 50 to write it!

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward


          Must try less harder.

    3. JimC

      For the hard of thinking...

      <satire>Looser! #

      Danel Carg your just jeluos ... [snip] ... Justin Biber should be the nxts Jams Bnod.</satire>

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Looser!

      Come on guys, read his other posts. It is parody.

    5. Ian Michael Gumby

      Fan Club?

      Sorry but is that guy who pulled a sheet over his head and did the YouTube rant 'Leave Britteny alone!!" now trying to make a comeback too? (Leave Kim Alone?)

    6. The Fuzzy Wotnot

      You do realise most of us would have stopped reading the second we hit the word, "jeluos"?

    7. br0die


      I raged for a few seconds. Nicely done.

    8. JimmyPage

      Dear fast braknicker

      < - is all I want to say

  31. Trevor 7

    Fame of the Kardashians

    They are a Public Relations family that has parleyed their own disfunctionality into millions of dollars through "leaked" sex-tapes and "reality" television. It is really sad to see how many people here in the USA actually care about them.

  32. Saoir

    "the highly talented and decorative Kardashian clan"

    Talented ???????? SERIOUSLY ????

    1. br0die

      McBain: "That's the joke."

  33. The Brave Sir Robin

    Married to Rachel Weisz ?

    Lucky bastard !

    1. Paul Hovnanian Silver badge

      @Married to Rachel Weisz ?

      I particularly like the way she handled those Lamborghinis in "The Brothers Bloom".

  34. exanime
    Thumb Up

    I would...

    ... buy this lad a pint!!!

  35. BorkedAgain

    For those who want to know...

    I'm reliably informed (Mrs Bork is interested in this kind of thing, I'm sorry to say) that their father was the lawyer responsible for getting OJ off.

    Seems a stretch from that to giving a toss about what they do with their time, but there it is...

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    For you Brits--a Kardashian primer.....

    Kim Kardashian became famous because she was the BFF of the original "highly decorative and talented" celeb--our own Paris Hilton!! Paris had a reality series, which gave Kim her initial entre to the public spotlight (Kim is the daughter of a deceased high-powered Los Angeles lawyer and now step-daughter to gold-medal winning former decathlete Bruce Jenner).

    So Paris begat Kim, who got her own reality series, which made Kim's sisters Courtney and Chloe famous, and now the teenage younger siblings (Jenner's children with the Kardashian's mom) are getting air time and will likely be famous for being famous as well.

    Basically, blame Paris!!

    1. The Fuzzy Wotnot

      You've have, in two short and sweet paragraphs, completely destroyed my last vestige of hope for the future of humanity!

      I'm off down the pub to drink several pints of London Pride, until this world makes some sort of sense again!

  37. Eddy Ito
    Paris Hilton


    Beautiful summary although I would say that f*ing idiots is being a bit kind. I don't suppose he mentioned what he actually meant by that as f*ing could be verb or adjective. Perhaps we should ask Paris.

  38. Markl2011

    Quote of the Week

    "You filmed it for us and showed us the placenta and now you want some privacy?"

  39. John P
    Thumb Up

    What a bunch of pointless twats.

    amen Mr Craig, amen.

  40. LB45

    Craig Married?

    Marriage of convenience? I thought he was gay?

    Well, I know he can't drive a manual shift. That about seals it for me.

  41. Doug Glass


    Couldn't have said it better myself. If fact most of it I HAVE said just never had it published.

  42. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Danny boy has come a long way since I first saw him with a few lines in Drop the Dead Donkey.

    The guy's worked hard to get where he is. It is understandably galling when cretinous rich kids with no discernible talent are paid brewsters and given a platform for their fuckwitery just because they can suck a dick. Here's an exclusive for you, it's not hard to be a whore.

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No doubt

    There is no doubt they are idiots - but for sure they are damned good looking, wealthy idiots, laughing all the way to the bank. It's enough to make decent people go insane.

  44. TheBampot


    i see your point, but be fair - does ANYONE who is not a political junkie actually recognise Nick Clegg? Or rate him as anything other than David Cameron's pet?

    1. MJI Silver badge

      Nick Clegg

      Son of Norman Clegg, and his constituency is about 25 miles from his dads home.

  45. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Is that a nerd in a cardigan who rushes around a lot?

    1. Local Group

      The true origin of "Kardashian."

      "Kardashian" is a vulgar variant of "Dash it all."

      Bertie: "'Kardashian,' Jeeves!"

      Jeeves "Sorry, sir."

      It's first recorded use was at the Euchre tables in Mayfair in the mid-19th century. A sharper having been dealt a bad hand of cards dashed them against the table claiming there was a cockroach in his chips. It has evolved from throwing down a bad hand of cards then to throwing down a bad hand of life to the cable television companies and making millions.

  46. Local Group

    @It's enough to make decent people go insane.

    Or, more likely, make them start smoking funny cigarettes.

  47. Jim 59


    Has the above now permanently dissappeared from the Reg thesaurus?

  48. tamar1n47

    I didn't know Danial Craig was a Bajoran.

  49. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    He concluded: "I'm not judging it – well, I am obviously."

    No, you are and what's more, you have judged it absolutely perfectly!

    I always thought he was a bit of Wally but this little outburst he has shot up in my estimation, well said sir!

  50. Gil Grissum


    The Bond bloke is right.

    The Kardashians are a Fu**tard pack of media craving wolves. It's absolutely ridiculous. The genre of reality TV in and of itself is totally ridiculous.

  51. Colin Millar

    "f*ing idiots"

    Now I'm confused.

    DC has taken a dislike to some women because they are in a Lars von Trier sequel?

  52. Andy 70
    Thumb Up

    please let the revolution against media whores start!

    another for the trekkie confusion here.

    top marks to Rob for explaining the reality of Kardasian existance here on earth is a darn sight more ugly than the initial Trekkie idea.

    top marks to DC for publicly calling a spade aspade. rated him as just another actor previously, got a little more respect from me now. not that it means anything if you're not me.

  53. disgruntled yank Silver badge

    the forum, though

    Using GQ as your medium to complain about anyone's idiocy is like using Sumo Monthly to complain about John Goodman's figure.

  54. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I don't know what a Snooky is and I can't be assed to Google it

    But while the K girls wouldn't be my first choice to take to a physics lecture or a debate on Greek philosophy, they are very good looking :)

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