back to article Virtually indestructible robostarfish penetrates tiny cracks

A squishy robot based on a starfish has pushed the frontiers of robotic movement by proving bots can wriggle. Built out of elastomers and powered by pneumatics, the soft robot successfully squeezed itself through a 2cm gap in a test by the Harvard engineers who created it. The boffins have cunningly worked air chambers into …


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  1. Thomas 18

    There will be nowhere to hide

    not even in the space between walls.

  2. Big Al

    I for one...

    ...wish to welcome our new undulating cyberechinodermic overlords!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    that's something like how I have always imagined a Rull to look

    see title

  4. Oliver Mayes

    No video? Disappointing.

    I wanna see it squirm.

  5. Thomas 4
    IT Angle


    Now the next time the girl in your life accuses you of having wandering hands, you've got someone to pin the blame on.

  6. Iain Leadley


    Not impressed really impressed.

    How big is the control box and compressor?

  7. MrJP
    Thumb Up


    You said PNAS!

  8. Glenn Charles


    A robot Reg reporter!!

    And I'm never allowed to comment again...

This topic is closed for new posts.