back to article Oz robo-soldiers in US Marines' firing line

Sydney based robotics manufacturer Marathon Targets has delivered its first cyber troops to the US Marine Corp as part of a multi-million dollar contract. Marathon Targets won the $AU57 million contract last year with the US Marine Corps Systems Command to trial its advanced robot technology. Following certification, eight …


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  1. framecrash

    My tax dollars at work?

    More evidence that the US military budget needs to be drastically cut.

    1. laird cummings

      Oh, no - you're *exactly* wrong. These are totally reusuable - just glue on a new dummy when the old one is all shot-up, and they'll do an *incredible* job of teaching practical combat marksmanship - including how to avoid shooting people you *don't* want shot (like fellow soldiers and civilians) - thus saving a LOT of lives, civilian and soldiers alike.

      An absolutely *perfect* use of defense spending.

  2. Originone

    for marksmen?

    those dummies are wearing hoodies and in one case a baseball cap. I'd suggest thats more like a realistic training scenario for mall cops or maybe the London Met than the Marines

  3. Steven Roper

    T-20, T-40, etc...

    I assume by the time they get to T-1000 they'll have perfected the mimetic liquid-metal alloy version...

  4. Anonymous Coward

    They are only at T-40...

    I guess it will be a few years before they hit upon the 800 series.

  5. Neil of Qld

    T 20 and T 40 soon the T 600

    Or have those inventors just seen too many Terminator movies ?

  6. Eddy Ito

    Jumping the gun

    They can't start the numbering at T20 and T40! FFS, the Terminator 1 is still in alpha and has to run on a tether. Skynet must be sooo disappointed.

  7. FozzyBear


    Give it a slick jaw face and a number of poorly drawn tattoos and those robots could be mistaken for half the population of marrickville or auburn.

  8. Colin 4
    Thumb Up

    hoodies !

    you gotta love that they're wearing hoodies ... if they had trousers no doubt their jocks would be showing too

  9. Bernd Felsche
    Black Helicopters

    What happens if the enemy can't be programmed?

    "The free-ranging, armour-plated and networked robots are programmed to mimic human behaviour to provide a realistic, interactive training scenario for marksmen."

    They're not realistic until they're capable of shooting back.

    And sadly; "Andrew Stoner" is a real name. That's not irony.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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