back to article Global server sales cool a smidgen

Peddlers and pushers of server tin had a tough time in the third quarter of this year, according to statistics from Gartner, with shipments rising only 7.2 per cent to 2.37 million units and revenues rising only 5.2 per cent to just under $13bn. That said, the quarter was without a doubt one of the best third quarters in …


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  2. Allison Park

    Power Systems is better than I thought

    I didn't realize Power systems was twice as big as HP and Sun. When you sift thru all the FUD from vendors the best indicator of success is where are customers spending their hard earned money. (especially in tough economic times) I never gave a lot of value to the shipment numbers since we want less servers that do more. It would be cool to see the numbers for "virtual servers shipped".

    Power +27% $1.21B

    Oracle -11.6% $550M

    HP -18.5% $540M

    Fuj -35.8% $65.1M

    Next quarter should be rough for HP given it's their fiscal 1Q and the recent announce to replace Itanium with Xeon but not port HP-UX.

    Burrr it's cold to be back.

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