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My other job as the manager of a small record label frequently requires me to circulate press clippings and other bumf to everyone connected with a particular project. One option is to do this when I get back to the office but a better and faster one is to use CamScanner. CamScanner will take, crop, enhance and convert a …


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  1. Sean Inglis

    I've used CamScanner+ for a while, and although I'd recommend it for all the reasons given here, on on IOS / iPod 4G, there seems to be a substantial quality difference between snapping a page in the standard camera and then importing, as opposed to snapping from within the app itself.

  2. mrmond

    Call me a prude if you like, this seems like a great app, but I think I'd have enjoyed the review more if you hadn't used something with so many F words in it.

    I don't particularly use profanity in day to day life and don't see any need to have it shoved in front of me on the written page.

    1. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

      You're a prude...

      ...and the app looks like an overpriced PDF converter.

    2. Fishy

      Not sure why this is getting so many down votes. The swearing added absolutely nothing to the article, and it wouldn't exactly have been difficult to find something else to use as an example. I'd suggest a change of pictures in the article, and a bit more thought next time.

      1. Geoffrey W

        RE: Absolutely nothing added

        Well it did add a NSFW tag to the title which no doubt drew in a heck of a lot more viewers than it would have done ordinarily.

  3. geekclick
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    Me likey, good find

  4. Sam Liddicott

    bye guys

    I don't know if Amazon like being associated with a page where you post "Holy Shit" and "Jesus Fucking Christ" but I don't.

    I'm off to news sites with a little bit more decency that you guys can manage.

    So long.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      See title.

    2. Loyal Commenter Silver badge


      It's from this book, which is a very entertaining read, unless you are too stupid to be able to distinguish between the use of a word for comic effect and its use to cause offence. Which it appears you, and several others here are.

    3. TeeCee Gold badge

      Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.

  5. Fr Barry

    Totally unnecessary

    I'm with mrmond and sam, totally unnecessary use of the language. I'm no prude either but this was totally unexpected from el reg. I think I shall be following Sam...

    1. samster
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      C'mon guys GET A PHUCKIN/FREAKIN/FLIPPIN grip!

      (see what I did there?)

      And that's the problem with your attitude. When American sitcoms say 'freakin' is that ok!?? C'mon we ALL KNOW what they mean right?! Or do you turn the channel?

      Anyway, it wasn't the author - it was the example scan he used. Should he not have used the Onion? Should the Onion be banned in your books?

      The article is fine. It's 2011 for fu**'s sake (oh sorry - 'for crying out loud I mean)

      1. completely_hatstand

        Yes, Love the Onion, enjoy swearing drinking and shagging etc. however I really like being able to read reviews on my employers time and making a fucking rewiew of just a bastard PDF twatting app is fucking retarded...

        Just my opinion, cunts.

        1. Keep Refrigerated


          Totally unnecessary and not what I expect from an El Reg commentard... I am henceforth cancelling my Reg subscription and committing forum suicidium.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh lighten up


    It's a grab of a page from the Onion book Our Dumb Century, one of the funniest things you will ever read in print although fair warning for the under 5s and prissy little twonks, it does contain the occasional rude word.

    Made me laugh as well as demoing the app. Well done El Reg.

  7. cs94njw

    Don't understand the problem - El Reg marked it as NSFW (Not Suitable For Wussies)

  8. Anonymous Coward
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    Totally Unnecessary (but brilliant)

    I'm not with the others here, I'm with the Register - I enjoy a bit of peripheral gratuitous profanity, and actually hit the comments to see if anyone had linked to the original.

    Fuck-tastically brilliantly irreverent moon shot coverage.

    I pity the partners of these who value only necessity.

  9. mrmond

    not the point.

    When I turn on late night comedy or goto a live show, I expect I'll hear swear words for comedic effect.

    I know what the Onion is, I have it in my bookmarks, when I want to see it, I see it.

    This was an app review. It's unwarranted and unnecessary here.

    1. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

      The point

      I believe that there is a difference between something that is inherently offensive, and something that a person CHOOSES to find offensive.

      For instance, screaming unwarranted abuse at someone in the street is inherently offensive, the written word is only offensive if the person reading it decides it is so. This is amply demonstrated bu the fact that some people, myself included, obviously did not find screen shots of the Onion offensive, but you did.

      In the first example, the source of the offence is the person screaming abuse, not the person being abused. In the second, the source of the offence is the person reading the rudey words, not the person writing them. In other words, people who find this sort of thing offensive are the cause of their own offense and should pretty much just get over themselves.

  10. Sam Liddicott

    just to be clear

    There was no NSFW tag this morning when I read the post (yes I have a PDF of the page to check).

    The reference to Jesus Christ is not one which I decided to take offence over after reading it; it made me recoil when I read it.

    It is this class of offence: You walk into the bar with your missus and someone gropes her and then calls it a bit of a laugh and wonders why you don't get over yourself.

    It suggests that the author is at least "not a politician" and lacks the courtesy that I hoped he was being paid to have,

    I have "got over myself", but it is a personal offence that makes me wish I hadn't read it.

    It's also plain bad manners not to consider those readers you've tried to build a relationship with.

    I don't have to take this so I'm off after 7 years of fun with the reg; but not doubt I'm not the kind of reader the reg appreciates either as I also don't appreciate the increasing lewd innuendos either.

    I stuck around today to watch the response from the reg - but none.

    1. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: just to be clear

      Sam, since you'd already said you'd be taking your page views elsewhere, there seemed little point in responding.

      Since you ask, my view is that the use of swear words is entirely commensurate with the age, outlook and robustness of the vast majority of El Reg's readers.

      FWIW, The Onion's comedy is hilarious - precisely because of the swearing. Could the author have used a tamer source? Certainly, but the review would have been less engaging and entertaining.

      Personally, I also think it's important not to take offence when no offence is intended, as is the case here. One should feel more confident in one's beliefs when some else is seemingly rude about them. Turn the other cheek, etc.

      Sorry to see you go, especially after staying with the site for so long.

      1. mrmond

        No offence intended ?

        Tony, I thank you for your reply, but I think the issue here that some have taken, is that while no offence IS intended, for many people the use of Swear words CAN be offensive.

        Rather than saying,your readers shouldn't take offence wouldn't it be better to take the stance that this could cause offence given the nature of the app ?

        Case in point - The Viz app that gives out quotes of one of the characters. That I found very funny because it was in keeping with the nature of the app, and entirely expected.

        I love Viz, I choose to read Viz, any article that is about Viz I would assume I may see swearing, crass humour etc, but not in this case. Not for an app that is basically just a simple scan to text converter.

  11. KJB

    If its "PC" media you're after...

    ...add the following to your whitelist and block all others:


    PS: You say you'll be leaving though I'd be willing to bet you'll be back, recoiling at unexpected profanity once more (I mean seriously, who "recoils"?) and spreading your miserable view of life and how things "should be" upon all us commentards...

  12. Peter Townsend

    Hmmmm shows 247 uses of "fuck" on the Register since January 7th 2000 while 14 uses of "cunt" can be found at

    OK, most of those uses are probably in quotation marks, but this article isn't using the word fuck in an editorial context either.

    I've a suggestion, if you read something and your eye alights on a word you choose to find offensive (it's not a given, I don't find the word "fuck" remotely offensive) stop reading rather than try to impose your restrictive world view on the rest of us.

    As for announcing your are no longer going to read the site please grow up and stop assuming the rest of us give a monkey's. That's self-important priggishness of the highest order.

    I'm guessing that like me the bulk of the Reg's readership found the choice of scan pretty inspired.

  13. BorkedAgain
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    Bye Sam.

    It's been great. Pop back sometime, let us know how you're doing. Sorry, there wasn't time to have a whip-round or get a card or anything...

  14. The Envoy


    Just spotted the added "NSFW" addition to the title and had to click back as I couldn't recall what in the review I had read yesterday could warrant a NSFW stamp.

    Checked the comments and realised I am a insensitive Swede.

    Logging off ...

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