back to article Ken Russell dies aged 84

Filmmaker Ken Russell, the controversial helmsman who brought the world Women in Love and Tommy, died yesterday aged 84. Russell passed away in his sleep in hospital following a long illness. His son Alex Verney-Elliott said: "My father died peacefully. He had had a series of strokes. He died with a smile on his face." Fellow …


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  1. Tony S


    I was in the sixth form when "Tommy" came out. We ran a film club and I was the projectionist (16mm) and I remember getting a copy of the film which we played one evening to almost the whole of the sixth form (c. 200 people). People were still singing the music from the film a few days later. Awesome film.

    They don't make them like that any more. 8-(

  2. Frederic Bloggs

    The Louse of Usher?

    must be a microscopic film...

  3. Paul Johnston


    The world just got a little more boring

  4. Just Thinking
    Paris Hilton

    Ken Russell - you could always rely on him for a bit of gratuitous nudity.

    Paris because there isn't an Amanda Donohoe icon.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A retrospective ...

    .. with a full uncut version of The Devils would be nice. Too bad it can't happen.

    Have fun, Ken. I for one will miss you.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    My father is the chairman of the Theatre that Pinball Wizard was performed and they invited him back a couple of years back to celebrate the 30th anniversary, alas he wasn't able to come.

    Great film, he will be missed!

  7. teacake

    Lovely guy

    I had the honour of meeting him last year. An absolute gent, totally dotty but really charming and interesting. I'll miss him.

  8. Turtle

    Somewhat contrary opinion.

    Well he seems to have been a likable guy, and I hope he didn't suffer too much but no, "Tommy" was an awful film. Of course, I was at that time a Who fan second to none, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

    I do not know enough about his other films to comment, though; I am not sure that I have seen any of them.

  9. Dana W

    Lisztomania was probably one of the strangest movies I ever saw. One can never forget the scene with Roger Daltrey and his giant devil inspired phallus.

    Though Ringo Starr as the pope was classic.........

  10. Mike Richards Silver badge

    Tribute needed

    I trust a tasteful Playmobil tribute to Women In Love will be forthcoming?

  11. James Gibbons

    You forgot to mention Crimes of Passion which was one of my personal favorites along with The Devils and Tommy. RIP Ken. Your film style will be sorely missed.

  12. CmdrX3

    Guess I'm the only one then...

    I thought his films were self indulgent shite. The usual quirky British rubbish that usually wins awards and makes no money, because it's "cinematic art"... i.e. shite. I'm sure he is a lovely guy and many will miss him, but I just didn't find his films entertaining.

  13. GrahamT

    At least his films weren't boring.

    I have enjoyed every Ken Russell Film I have watched. Lots of visual jokes, even if the continuity was sometimes a bit lacking. I'm not sure if the mediaeval nun in The Devils wearing a wristwatch was one or the other.

    I hope there is a retrospective on one or more of the TV channels.

    What comes over though, in all the obits, is what a nice guy he was.


This topic is closed for new posts.

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