back to article Netflix rules out Kiwi launch

Netflix has rejected New Zealand as a potential international launch spot because of low internet data caps and content rights issues. Attending the ITEX business tech summit in Auckland, New Zealand, Netflix VP of product innovation Brent Ayrey told local media that Netflix had no intention of launching in New Zealand. Ayrey …


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  1. CowardlyAndrew

    Are they saying that their 720p HD 5Mbps service will have people watching 300 films in a month? At 90 minutes per film that is 15 hours a day?

    Even as a projection this does not stack up. Even if we presume that usage is going to double, and the fact that Netflix is 33% of US traffic now, then the suggestion is that currently on average US users are using 1.5TB per month?

    1. Mike 29
      Paris Hilton

      1.5tb easily

      I've known USAdians that download more than that a month in porn alone..

  2. mirumu

    They're right

    Broadband caps in NZ are awful. The most popular plans offer 20GB or less and they're still in the NZ$60-70 per-month range.

  3. Peter Lowden

    So its official...

    Internet in New Zealand officially sucks.

    I can't help but get grumpy each time I travel outside of NZ and see the posters for unlimited ADSL2+ for $59.99, where my ISP would only give me 5GB for that much :(

  4. Cheshire Cat


    Internet in NZ does suck. Expensive, metered, and 20GB/month is seen as 'very large' and charged accordingly. If that were not enough, the latency to places like the US and Asia is also problematic for things like video and so on.

    Its a shame since the TV here also sucks (Sky have a near monopoly on decent broadcasting, and charge as you would expect) and so an affordable video-on-demand would be great. TiVo do it, but the broadband traffic caps make it cost an extra $3 for each film you rent so no real gain.

    However, on the positive side, we get to live in New Zealand. That more than makes up for the crappy Internet and crappy TV. Sucks to be you! :)

    1. GrumpyOldBloke

      A small mostly empty country with a stuffed economy, a nanny state, crap services and where the political discourse reaches the level of who should take offence when someone hauls a couch to the top of one of the mountains for a barbeque (noting they did take it down again) or how much to pay to appease the latest mythical Maori creature that has just been discovered in the path of critical infrastructure. Pedestrian speed limits, high taxes and a bunch of white people pretending to be brown people. Get out of NZ and see the world, you will come to realise that apart from the fresh air blowing past you at 60 knots there is not a lot on offer.

  5. Scott 26
    Thumb Down

    "Netflix has rejected New Zealand as a potential international launch spot because of low internet data caps and content rights issues."

    I can see lots of discussion of broadband caps, but none further on digital rights issues....

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