back to article Dawdling EU countries smacked over telecoms reforms

The European Commission has sent formal requests to 16 EU countries asking them to completely transpose the EU's Telecoms Package of reforms into national law. The "reasoned opinions" have been issued six months after the countries were supposed to have fully implemented the new laws. The reforms gave individuals several new …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Czech box

    Well of course the Czechs haven't got around to implementing this... not only is the Czech political scene such that it makes Italy look like a bastion of stability and the Muppets like a reasonable political alternative, but the Establishment is deeply wedded to the idea of keeping tabs on people without their knowing (one of the highest phone intercept rates in the world, I believe).

    The idea of asking for permission isn't going to catch on any time soon, and as for allowing people to find things out for themselves.... naaaaah. Could set a precedent.

    Anon for obvious reasons, but with considerable optimism (again for obvious reasons).

  2. Chris Miller

    Don't tell me

    Let me guess: Britain and Scandinavia implement the directive straight away (with Britain gold-plating the legislation to create lots of highly paid jobs for pointless bureaucrats). Germany plans to implement it, but it requires the agreement of all 16 Länder, which takes an unfeasibly long time. France finds lots of constitutional arguments to ignore it, and the rest of the EU doesn't even realise it's a requirement.

    No change from any other piece of EU law, then.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Nice Rant....

      ...but factually wrong.

      "The UK, France, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Latvia and Lithuania all offered the Commission partial notifications, even though Brussels' officials had made it clear that implementation of all the measures was required from each member state."

      Still, how is the Dail Wail this morning?

    2. Uplink

      So they need to speed up these procedures then. If the local legislatures are slow, this can be a nice way to top up the EU budget as well :)

  3. It wasnt me


    That the UK is not on the list. Ive yet to be asked by a website owner for my permission to follow me online. P'raps weve actually 'done a French' and pretended to implement it but actually done nothing?

  4. Steve Evans

    Interesting mix...

    You could forgive some of the smaller countries for maybe be a little bit less organised about it, some of them aren't long freed from the grip of mother Russia, and Poland did lose a big chunk of their government in a plane crash, but that list isn't just the old Eastern block is it, the big (and small) western players are in there too. In fact some of the old Eastern block countries have implemented it successfully.

    So which ones are too disorganised to implement it, and which ones are just too top heavy with red tape that they're still trying to slow the bureaucratic oil tanker down before they can make a slight manoeuvre?

    The French of course will have their own third category as usual - don't like it, will ignore it.

    Still slightly amazed the UK isn't on the list. I guess implementing it in law is one thing, enforcing it is something else entirely.

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