back to article Penguin e-books back in libraries – but no new titles

Penguin's e-books have been put back on the virtual shelves of America's libraries, a week after they were yanked for unexplained "security" reasons. Penguin pulled its titles from e-book libraries last week after a kerfuffle between the publishers, library e-book suppliers Overdrive and Kindle-makers Amazon. The precise cause …


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  1. Forget It

    Penguins back

  2. BlindWanderer

    It probably has to do with the discrepancy between the quality of the DRM for Audiobooks (Windows Media) and Ebooks (Adobe). Windows Media encrypted audiobooks and videos are exceedingly hard to decrypt after they have expired (I have never seen an article claiming to have done it). Accessing the keys stored in WM DRM is exceedingly complicated and Microsoft has been quite aggressive about protecting it's DRM.

    On the other hand, files protected by Adobe's encryption can be decoded at any time, even after they have expired, all with a python script.

    Disney's online (e)books are weird. I'd look into their security but honestly the content is of no interest.

    I don't know anything about the security of content offered for Kindle through Overdrive. But I can imagine there could be an attack surface between Overdrive and Amazon.

  3. Mike Judge


    almost every regional library lends epub books...

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